3 kinds of food can be released ” happiness is hormonal “

No matter be everybody wants to spend each days happily, happy mood can let you from in ecstasize person elegant demeanour comes loose outside arriving, improve your popularity. 3 kinds of food can promote day agency carry on secrete ” happiness hormonal ” , can let you feel bubble is in happy sweet canister, look radiant.
Reported on September 18 according to RecordJapan website, “The formal name of happy hormonal ” is hydroxide lubricious amine (Serotonin) it is a kind of nerve transmits material. Secrete the symptom such as insufficient meeting occurrence depression, insomnia, irritable, Xu Han. Hydroxide lubricious amine and female’s hormonal exudation exists close correlation, to balance a female hormonal, the exudation that must avoid hydroxide lubricious amine is insufficient.
“Raw material of happy hormonal ” is lubricious ammonia acid, although be a kind of amino acid, but can rely on to absorb outside food a future life to become only. Acid of unripe quality ammonia still needs vitamin B6 to assist, want what abound from lubricious ammonia acid and vitamin B6 to feed material helper so.
Banana has rich lubricious ammonia acid and vitamin B6, in addition food fiber is rich, can improve large intestine at the same time environment, the word that breakfast is a banana can have the effect with much with one action.
   2.Accept beans
Beans of 100 grams accept contains acid of 240mg lubricious ammonia, still have enough vitamin B6. Accept beans is to ferment food, the woman that gets costive worry mights as well try every eat to have accept beansFoodHabit.
Yoghurt also contains a lot oflubricious ammonia acid, can improve alvine path environment at the same time. But the constitution that the beneficial of some yoghurt gives birth to bacterium to may not accord with his, might as well try a few kinds of yoghurt more, find the yoghurt that accords with him constitution.
Above is to be able to promote 3 kinds of food that secrete ” happiness hormonal ” , him careFemaleThe friend mights as well follow the lead of.

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