4 elements bring up the male ” Wei ” precaution of course of study needs to grasp 5 points

Bring about impotent reason to have a lot of, on sick manage, still have mentally. Pass summary, because,we discover major impotent male sex is below these 4 kinds of elements bring about, let us understand together fall. . 4 big factors bring up course of study of ” of male ” Wei
One, excessive exhaustion: If,be in in the life too overworked, the body is inside short time cannot very good refreshment, cannot get for long adjust can accumulate, the unusual situation of occurrence break down from constant overwork, if this moment undertakes sexual life appears very easily impotent unusual symptom, because this notices to rest in the life, do not want to have sexual life often especially, prevent a disease to appear.
2, neurological pathological changes: Sexual function can be controlled by neurological adjustment, shrink in muscle Wei accordingly or all round after the disease such as neuritis appears, can inevitable effectThe maleSexual function,
3, mental psychology element: What this kind of circumstance causes is impotent be pair of sexual knowledge understanding more is not much, have sexual life for the first time or newly-married during, often because of the insecurity in the heart or angst the influence that wait, occurrence function sex erects obstacle, serious when it is impotentDisease.
4, the habit such as masturbation: In the because of a few elements influence in the life, the male is met the undesirable habit that nurturance masturbates, proper masturbation is beneficialHealthy, but without abstemious frequent masturbation, the neurological function that can cause the body appears disorder, appear then impotent wait for a few unusual symptoms.
Master the 5 gist element with impotent precaution
Above all, PsychologyThe reason with impotent sex is very much, should notice to eliminate cause all sorts of causes with psychological impotent sex, learn sexology knowledge as far as possible more, dispel needless thought worry.
Next, active cure causes all sorts of impotent diseases, be like diabetic, hemal sex disease. As far as possible the undesirable habit such as wine of give up smoke, the lifestyle of nurturance health.
The 3rd, avoid to take a likelihood to cause all sorts of impotent medicaments.
The 4th, should appear impotent when, want the case that introduces impotent happening in the round to the doctor, strive for inchoate cure, avoid by all means conceals an illness.
The 5th, the woman must care, considerate, understand the man, must not censure, blame the man, answer to think method is treated actively jointly, strengthen confidence.
Note of impotent patient need basically has the following at 4 o’clock:
One, do not have overweight psychological responsibility. Happen impotent later, basically answer from remove proceed with of the mortgage, mood that move free, establish cure impotent confidence, if mood not when beautiful, do not live sexual life constrainedly, lest appear impotent the sexual life shading after giving.
2, proper physical training. The patient should undertake proper physical training, give up masturbation is used to, husband and wife lives apart temporarily in order to reduce sexual excitement, in impotent rehabilitation, the wife understanding to the husband, care, encourage, very important.
3, discretion uses drug. Avoid to may be caused impotentMedicines and chemical reagents. Proper sex, not abstinency also do not indulge in sensual pleasures.
4, recuperate food. The patient should be delicate on food, do not eat fry and excitant food, fast adipose food as far as possible, these food will be aggravating hepatic burden, make liver sick patient’s condition aggravating; Should smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, had confirmed smoking can be brought about at present impotent; Should pussyfoot, alcohol is divided outside can injuring liver, still can cause impotent or sexual desire drops.

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