6 food method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises question of skin of seed coat of Yi Zhiduo of feminine deficiency of yin with irritability colour

The man wants Zhuang Yang, the woman wants method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Shade fluid has very important sense to the female’s health and hairdressing amply. From the point of angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, shade fluid is the fountainhead of nutrient body, the nutriment that supply skin cell is absorbed directly and can use, make skin health clean, full moist. If fluid of body private parts is insufficient, with respect to meeting occurrence skin decline of dry, complexion fizzles out wait for a symptom.
Woman how does method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raise shade? Besides assuring good habits and customs, still can pass food nourishing will achieve the result.
Shade fluid inadequacy can cause a variety of skin problems
Shade is the energy that human body lays in, it is to prop human body the basic material of normal activity, include essence of life, blood, ferry to wait.
Deficiency of yin with irritability often has two kinds of show, because the nurture inside body is qualitative,one kind is, what shade fluid is not worth and bring about namely is hidebound, lack water apparent, if the skin is dry, lack is stretch, appear easily furrow, coarse lacklustre etc. Because empty heat and function are excited,still a kind of expression is, bring about glossy to be full of thereby, generation acne, return grow in quantity of meeting occurrence melanin, pigment is ad cool-headed, complexion dark and gloomy, eye socket nigrescent, endocrinopathy, syndrome of the turn of life.
No matter which kinds are behaved, can cause a variety of skin problems directly, quicken human body consenescence. So, the woman maintains must raise shade to begin from method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood.
Tremella also is blindly nourishing fine medicine, the characteristic is moist and not sluggish of be bored with, have fill lienal bowel of Qing Dynasty of gas of appetizing, beneficial, sleep peacefully the result of heat of the be good at stomach, filling head, Qing Dynasty that raise shade, moisten the respiratory tract,
Tremella is rich and natural characteristic and colloid, add effect of its method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, it is OK to be taken for a long time embellish skin, have the effect of yellow speckle of dispel face ministry, fleck. Tremella still is planted contain prandial fibrousReduce weightFood, its prandial fiber can aid gastric bowel peristalsis, decrease adipose absorb.
Skill of tremella choose and buy
See color.
The tremella of color quality shows white and small yellow; The tremella with bad quality shows yellow; If show dark yellow criterion quality is poorer.
See figure.
Flesh of ear is big and inattentive, ear is thick, auditive body is whole, head of the base of a fruit is good without the quality of foreign matter; The flesh is thin, form not complete, the base of a fruit sordid quality is poorer.
Feel dry wet.
The tremella with good quality feels dry hard.
Taste flavour.
The tremella odour faint scent with good quality; Have taste of acidity, mildew poorly, if use sulfureous had fumed aculeate bazoo to feel.
Give birth to pleasant of pear sex cold flavour, lung having profit relieves a cough, the effect with hot Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Pear since ancient times by honour for ” 100 Guo Zhizong ” , lung having profit, relieve a cough, disappear is phlegmy, fall the function such as fire. Because climate is excessive and dry,be like, then appears thirsty, constipation, dry cough; Or because of inside thermal conductivity sends irritated thirsty, cough asthma and phlegmy yellow wait for a symptom,
Attention: It is edible pear before, whether does the constitution that should consider oneself first suit, the constitutional Xu Han, cold person that cough is unfavorable eat pear raw, must lie between water steam to pass, the soup that boil, or withMedicinal materialYi Ke of boiled in clear soup; If have the person of long-term diarrhoea, pear of unfavorable much draft, because Shui Li sex is cold, feed diarrhoea aggravate more.
Pear picks skill
1, observation is outside: If pear skin looks thicker, had better not buy, in that way fructification is coarse and moisture is insufficient. Should choose it seems that pear skin is fine the thin, pear that does not have scar, such pear quality is better.
2, hilum seeing pear: It is the navel of pear, the bottommest place, pear hilum is Mu Li greatly, if look deeper and all round smooth and orderly, the circle that has regular sex is better pear.
3, see figure: Choice form is decorous and regular, the pear with exquisite pulp, such pear pulp is fresh and tender, moisture is enough, sweet and goluptious, quality also assures somewhat. Do not choose the pear with irregular appearance as far as possible, flavour of this kind of pear lacks sweet taste, agonized and intolerable.
4, exterior spot mark: The pear with spot more mark is not delicious, best choice face is smooth and exquisite, and look the part without green, the gift that is yellow entirely is nice, better by haler pear with finger.
Close contain a lot ofmucus to pledge, have effect of moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Doctor of traditional Chinese medicineThink lily flavour pleasant, small suffering, the gender is small cold, enter heart, lung 2 classics, have lung of the embellish that raise shade, Qing Xinan’s magical effect.
Additional, lily still contains a few special nutrition part, if meadow saffron is alkaline,wait for a variety of alkaloid. Collaboration of these composition put together are used at human body, have good nutrition nourishing effect. Boil congee with lily, but moist lung stomach, have protective effect to respiratory tract and enteron mucous membrane.
Attention: Although lily is nourishing beautiful is tasted and the name is fed, but because its pleasant is cold qualitative embellish, discharge of jalf congealed of every chill cough, defecate, taste is frail, cold wet long sluggish, the person that kidney this world ebbs all avoid is used.
Skill of lily choose and buy:
Fresh lily should choose a divide evenly of big, valve, flesh to pledge thick, color white or show flaxen. The eliminate impurity, black segment or section, person that sodden heart or mildew change still should notice when the choose and buy.
Lily dry appropriate chooses dry, without foreign matter, flesh thick person, glittering and translucent and transparent for beautiful. Edible lily is planted with the home, not bitter, scale is broad and taste is small person for actor.
Officinal lily criterion with feral, flavour bitterer, valve piece small and thick person for beautiful.

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