7 kinds of behavior are met ” reduce fine ” want to require vigilance when father

Move of social standard of living rise, of actuating pressure increase, have barren man friend increasing, nanjing century is contemporary and infecund not Yo institute expert Professor Wei Zuo cheng reminds: A few bad behavior in daily life can bring about fecundity to drop, and even not Yo.
1, happy event eat seafood. Because ocean gets industrial pollution, overmuch opposite breed is contained in seafood harmful chemical material is mercuric.
2, wash sauna. Spermatozoon must be below the constant temperature of 35 ℃ of 34 ~ ability is normal development, and the temperature of sauna room greatly tower above thisStandard.
3, like to drink coffee. Coffee can injure spermatozoon, make spermatozoon not active, want consequently right amount drink coffee.
4, use a mobile phone often. According to relevant section investigation shows, use a mobile phone for a long timeThe maleReproductive ability is lower really.
5, snack food. A large number of bean products are contained in snack food, photograph initiate for a long time to promote in great quantities secrete female hormone, cause male reproduction problem thereby.
6, smoking, drink. Consider to make clear, the male that often smokes suffers from barren probability is to did not smoke 3 times of the male, chronic alcoholism patient can appear spermary is atrophic, bring about seminal quality to drop.
7, often wear tight pants. The tight pants such as the jeans can cause spermary temperature to lift, restrict circulation of scrotal place blood, give spermatozoon generate and live bring a barrier.

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