7 kinds of food quicken senile woman to raise Yan Xu to ban a mouth

From ancient a job that never changes up to now is, the female on the world is being searched always the recipe of nurture youth, the female is opposite as the male to green pursuit the pursuit of the right, visible, youthful appearance to the female it is how important. “Prematurely senile ” , to the female, it is nightmare, it is tragic. In daily life, we eat a few food innocently via regular meeting, bring about prematurely senile. Will quickly look have what food!
   1, soda water
Soda water contains a lot ofcandy cent, drink much Yi Lingren to feel exhaustion, present old state. The person that loves to drink soda water should notice compensatory plain boiled water at ordinary times, of filling waterStandardIt is to want complement to be equivalent to weight everyday (it is an unit with the pound) the moisture of the half (it is an unit with ounce) . E.g. , weight 130 pounds (about 59 kilograms) person, one day had better drink 65 ounce (about 2 litres) water.
   2, coffee
Right amount drink coffee beneficial to human body, but overmuch and drinkable meeting brings about human body dehydrate. In the meantime, below the circumstance that absorbs for a long time, the caffein of large dose is a kind of drugs, can bring about ” caffein toxic ” . Because this drinks coffee not to want too thick, right amount and stop.
   3, deep-fried twisted dough sticks
The vitriol in deep-fried twisted dough sticks is the mineral that contains aluminium, often eat deep-fried twisted dough sticks, produce harm to cerebrum and nerve cell, cause disease slow-witted disease.
   4, convenient cover
Harmful to human body food pigment and preservative are contained in the face.
   5, strong-smelling preserved bean curd
Strong-smelling preserved bean curd is polluted extremely easily in sending enzymatic process, still contain a large number of volatile salt base ammonia and vulcanization hydrogen, harmful to human body.
   6, boiled water scale
Boiled water scale causes the person’s premature senility, the water such as cup of the kettle that often uses, lukewarm water bottle, porcelain is provided, long with dirty of meeting generation tea, furring, if be washed not in time, often drinkable meeting is caused digest, the make water of nerve, secrete, hemopoietic system premature senility that produce pathological change and arouses a person.
   7, souse food
When the food such as souse fish, flesh, dish, the salt of easy enroll is changed into nitrite, it falls in the enzymatic catalysis inside body, easy generate with the action of of all kinds material inside body inferior the carcinogen of amine, the person eats much contract cancer easily, make human body premature senility.
Tell you, let you know you just are the executioner of the body, whether too cruel? But the harm that if do not let you know above food,brings you possibly, you are sure to destroy the hand in oneself in. Do not blame me to tell you anile truth, years is a knife that kill a hog, you resist feebly, but your absolutely cannot accelerate his anile rate ignorantly. Woman, abandon above food, fasten redo hooey.

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