“80 hind ” divorce reason is strange: The wife loves to act like a spoiled child profess homosexual

The reporter learns from room hill court, since this year, only in the divorce case that room hill court hears, “80 hind ” young husband and wife was occupied nearly 70% , and the divorce reason of young husband and wife is pattern more various, the wife loves to act like a spoiled child, oneself had ” small 3 ” , oneself are a homosexual. . . . . . Waited to become the excuse of the divorce. And understand according to the reporter, when hearing divorce case, with ” like one party the reason of curious and eccentric ” sues a requirement to divorce, when other one party does not agree to divorce, the court can be rejected mostly.
Profess to have an affair with with other
Divorce with the wife
  The Xiaohu that was born 1987, knew via classmate introduction 2009 small beautiful, register after a year marry. Be in 2 people are bridal that day, a young girl makes bridal scene greatly, and Xiaohu leaves together with the girl on the spot, run away from home. This year, xiaohu has with oneself and someone else long-term and ambiguous relation, outer live together with other for, the requirement divorces, its wife small beautiful different idea, still express to be able to excuse Xiaohu, to its past forgive sb’s past misdeeds. After the court is tried, think, bilateral feeling have not burst, adjudicate the divorce suit that rejects Xiaohu requests.
The judge expresses, our country ” marriage law ” regulation: “Have one of following state, mediation is invalid, should allow divorces: 1, bigamous or the person that have a mate and other live together; 2, executive family force or mistreat, of abandon family member; 3, have the abuse refuse to mend one’s ways despite of repeated admonition such as gamble, drug taking; 4, because emotional disaccord lives apart full 2 years; 5, other cause case of cracked of feeling of husband and wife. One party is missing by declare, other one party offers divorce suit, should allow divorces. “Accordingly, if both sides of husband and wife has not reach emotional burst level, the divorce that can reject one party of husband and wife mostly in the judge in trying practice appeals to beg.
The wife loves to act like a spoiled child
The husband mentions a divorce
  What was born 1986 is small army love to act like a spoiled child with the wife, oneself are intolerable for, sue requirement divorce to the court. The judge is informed via understanding, this was acquainted 2008 to young husband and wife and establish love concerns, register the 2nd year marry, the feeling after marriage is still good, did not bear children. Through be being visited on the spot, the judge mastered the facts one wishes to hide of divorce backside, original, small army home just finds a place for 3 sets because of tearing open change to share the building that answer change, obtain a yuan compensation expenses, small army do not wish to share these belongings with the wife, and think to be looked for additionally by these belongings oneself virtuous wife it may be said is easy to do, put forward to divorce. For the adds up to a divorce in order to not agree with condition after the court is tried, the court decision rejects its lawsuit request.
The judge tells a reporter, marriage is premise with emotional foundation originally, because loaves and fishes conflicts,show, one party asks to divorce, other one party does not agree, do not accord with marital tenet, also go against social progress, and bilateral feeling not burst, the reason of the divorce is inadequate, because this court is much,do not grant to support.
Profess homosexual
Should divorce by refute
  Small gram of 29 years old and small lotus of 28 years old were acquainted 2008, after getting along via two years, register marry, the both sides after marriage often quarrels. This year, small gram with oneself it is a homosexual for, the requirement divorces, small lotus thinks to there is deep feeling before oneself and marital marriage, the both sides after marriage also built feeling of husband and wife, ask forensic cancel should request. Final court adjudicates the divorce that rejects small gram requests.
Advocate careful judge tells a reporter, with claiming for the homosexual case of marital feeling cracked does not accord with our country ” marriage law ” in affirmatory feeling cracked 4 kinds of case, because at present our country also has not publish relevant judicatory explanation, so the basis tries practice at present, homosexual fact is hidden before one party marriage, marriage of another requirement cancel, the court is sentenced more reject.

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