California wildfires have killed five people as residents fled along a highway

Five people have been killed in the northern California town of paradise by a mountain fire that broke out in the early hours of Monday morning, and the number of casualties is still being investigated, the beute county sheriff’s office said in a statement Monday morning.

The statement said police investigators have received multiple reports of deaths in paradise since Sunday, but the investigation is difficult because of the intense fire. Investigators have now found five people dead in a burned-out car in the town of paradise. The cause of death was determined to have been swallowed by a mountain fire as they fled in a car.

The fire started in the early morning near paradise and spread quickly throughout the town, burning thousands of buildings within hours. The site video and images showed fierce fires that even caused rare “” fire rolls,” “with large Numbers of residents fleeing along roads and others trapped in the town waiting to be rescued.

As of Saturday morning, the fire had burned an area of 240 square kilometers. The fires not only destroyed paradise, a town of 27,000 inhabitants, but also posed a direct threat to the nearby city of chico, which has a population of 90,000.

A state of emergency has been declared in beaufort county, with the California fire department sending more than 2,000 firefighters to help with rescue and fire fighting. Efforts to extinguish the fire have been slow because of strong wind. The weather forecast predicted that local winds would gradually weaken from the 9th to control the fire.

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