Careful prostate is proliferous ” hold back is broken ” bladder

Close paragraph of time, chapter grandfather him feeling of 86 years old wants while still alive to be died by hold back of ” of one bubble make water ” : Have uric idea obviously, but pull namely do not come out. After often wanting half hour, ability squeezes little make water to come out, this makes him pained unceasingly.
The liberation army 458HospitalDirector Chen Yan represents surgical department of secrete make water, grow as the age, balance of the sex hormone inside body is maladjusted and synergism of female, androgen can cause prostate proliferation. And proliferous prostate can squash urethral, urethral the meeting after sufferring extruding to be out of shape produces block, bring about dysuria.
The symptom of prostate hyperplasia basically is dysuria, time of get up in the night to urinate is much in the evening, white sky street looks for a toilet everywhere, quality of life of the old people in be being brought about consequently is poor, the mood is vexed. Rise in the evening especially influence Morpheus, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel easily.
“Often have above symptomOld person, basically been diagnose to the hospital is prostate hyperplasia. “Chen Yan says, be in light in when spending, can pass take medicine, physiotherapy and ego take exercise will relieve a symptom, but arrived when the severe case such as obstruction, retention of urine, need was solved through the operation.
Chen Yan expresses, in the crowd of prostate hyperplasia, the scale that needs a surgery is about 10% . The operation points to proof have at 2 o’clock: It is to appear serious clinical expression, the course takes the effect difference of medicine, physiotherapy; 2 it is occurrence danger elephant, for instance function of cystolith, retention of urine, kidney is damaged etc. “Proliferous basically is body of a few gland and connective tissue, the operation is hind urethral block was solved, can solve micturition problem, of the life quality to a respectful form of address for an old person rise to have profit very much. Of the life quality to a respectful form of address for an old person rise to have profit very much..
According to Introduction Chen Yan, clinical on great majority old person is afraid, fear to become an operation, in him advocate in nearly 2000 operations of the knife, patient age great majority arrives 80 years old in 75 years old between, of the oldest age is 97 years old. “These patients basically are to not be willing to perform an operation, until do not have method to bear really, just be determined to do. And often move small start an operation can smooth micturition, these old people regret to perform an operation without breakfast again. These old people regret to perform an operation without breakfast again..
Venture of art of while you’re at it this respect, chairman Chen Yan represents, a few in senile patient is amalgamative have fundamental disease, cerebral block, diabetic head waiting for a heart is for instance hemalDisease, to this part patient, while the doctor is controlling the fundamental disease, treatment that improves heart lungs function, make be evaluated before rigorous art to his body. “Operation of travel of the reentry after before for instance surgery of our secrete make water can ask the specialized subject such as division of internal medicine of division of anaesthetic division, heart internal medicine, breath, nerve, senile disease to have method, be being evaluated, the patient’s body is enough be able to bear or endure suffer operation ability to perform an operation. “Chen Yan says.
“Operation venture depends on the harrass of pair of heart lungs, the accident of operation time also is representing the body to be damaged the accident of time. Art is accordingly medium, we can cooperate to undertake to patient breath, circulatory system rigor is monitored with anesthetist, time is controlled as far as possible in less than of a hour. “Chen Yan expresses, long control is in when general operation less than of a hour, can reduce operation risk, operation technology is adept cooperate with anaesthesia, the patient basically does not have anguish.
And suffer from to a few Gao Wei disease, do not be able to bear or endure especially the senile patient that gets operation time to grow too, can be suggested laser surgery. Because laser vaporization is mixed,smash the effect of gland body is faster, loss is smaller, art Cheng is shorter. Nevertheless, chen Yan expresses, laser cut also has its limitation, complete sex is compared small achieve an operation to be differred a bit, suit quite light in spend patient of hypertrophy of the prostate, not quite appropriate to tremendous prostate.

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