Us rejects illegal immigrant asylum request: against central American migrants

U.S. President Donald trump signed a proclamation Wednesday declaring that the United States will now deny asylum to illegal immigrants. From Friday, asylum seekers must enter the United States from ports of entry and declare, according to documents posted on the federal register website. An illegal immigrant’s request for asylum will be denied. The rule is valid for 90 days. Trump said at the White House Sunday that he wants people to enter the United States legally. The move was aimed at a large number of central American migrants heading north through Mexico, according to U.S. government officials. Under the U.S. immigration and nationality act, immigrants can apply for asylum whether they enter the country legally or not. Analysts believe the new us government move could be taken to court. In October, thousands of people from central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and el Salvador crossed the border into southern Mexico and plan to continue their journey north to the United States. The us department of defense has recently announced the deployment of thousands of troops along the border with Mexico in response to a wave of central American migrants. Military personnel stationed at the border will not be directly involved in border law enforcement and will only provide engineering, medical and other support, according to U.S. military officials.

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