Did the weather become cold how to let male of prostate catch cold catch cold maintain prostate?

Prostate is the sexual gland organ with peculiar male, it basically has 3 big functions: Secrete thoroughfare of micturition of activity of spermatozoon of male hormone, help, guard. Once it appears problem, male of can serious effect lives normally. Statistic makes clear, exceed the male of 50% , had been perplexed by prostate disease at least in lifetime.
Road of director of surgery of make water of 323 hospitals secrete explains eastwards say, prostate is accessary sexual gland, pattern is similar the cone of a convert, be located in between bladder and basin heart muscle, encase urethral. Its position decided the man takes on prostate greatly, so often sedentary man prostate burden is heavier, because be oppressed, cause prostate congestion very easily, local metabolization child piles up, prostate gland provides block, gland fluid is excreted not free, bring about the happening of chronic prostatitis.
Besides, resemble excessive drinking, FoodIntemperate, catch cold catch cold, sexual life not the rule, also be the ” culprit ” that harms prostate. Additional, in Qiu Dong season gradually cold weather, can make sympathetic stimulant increase, make canal of systole of prostate gland body, gland and blood-vessel outspread, cause chronic congestion, bring about urethral internal pressure to increase. The change of urethral circumstance can accentuate again the deposit of prostate fluid, bring about prostateDiseaseFit.
   The maleHow to maintain prostate? Xi’an 451HospitalDirector Jian Bailu reminds surgery of secrete make water, besides wanting to accept standard treatment in time, egoHealth careVery important. Water more everyday be opposite through micturition urethral undertake rinsing, eduction of stimulative prostate secretion, can prevent prostate infection. Had watered little meeting makes uric juice concentrates, micturition frequency decreases, wait for other viscera to be able to produce very adverse effect to prostate and kidney, bladder; In the meantime, want to notice wine of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline and hot food. Smoke wine and hot food all are mixed to prostate urethral and aculeate stimulate action, still can cause prostate and cystic neck hyperaemia, oedema.
Important is, do not want hold back make water, hold back make water can let cystic and excessive plentiful, oppressive prostate. After to be cold, a lot of people do not wish micturition of get up in the night to urinate, as a result strong hold back is worn, little imagine does a likelihood to bring about dysuria and retention of urine so. Do not want as far as possible sedentary, avoid to hit mahjong for long, play poker, see TV wait, volt case worker or need long-distance the person that take a car notices every other wants to rise for some time mobile activity bones and muscles. Additional, wait by bicycle ride step an action, can cause to prostate oppressive, cause prostate congestion, because this should avoid,ride a bicycle for long.
The expert reminds, a little chronic prostatitis stops sexual life after patient sicken, actually this is wrong. Indulge in sensual pleasures or abstinency and same adverse to prostatitis, measurable sexual life won’t accentuate not only illness, conduce to the subsidise of prostatitis instead.
In the meantime, qiu Dong season comes now, air temperature drops, perineal ministry is like catch cold catch cold, prostate above all fall victim, thereby strut accentuation brings about uric platoon not to go out. Right now in senile friend answers more the health care that notices prostate, want to wear a trousers to give below half body heat preservation more in too cool weather, will improve your secrete make water the symptom of dysfunction.

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