Disease of female thyroid gland can add abortive risk to affect fetal intelligence

China cure learns Chan Zhongyan of endocrinology branch secretary-general 23 days to say, before gestation woman should attend pregnant prepotent examination. Be like not seasonable discovery and mix during effective treatment is gravid disease of postpartum thyroid gland, the likelihood causes abortion, slink, low weight, the undesirable consequence such as fetal and intellective damage.
She says, be like hypothyroidism, it is normal that abortive risk can be comparedFemale2 times taller; If armour decreases positive of amalgamative oneself antibody, abortive risk will be elevatory 5 to 10 times.
Chinese health teachs a center 23 days to start “2014 year activity of ” of week of conduct propaganda of knowledge of international thyroid gland, before announcing to publicize a theme this to attend pregnant for ” prepotent examination, pay close attention to ” of health of female thyroid gland.
In recent years, quickness of incidence of a disease of our country thyroid disease is climbed litre. Endocrinology of China cure society can undertake ” disease epidemiology investigates community dweller thyroid gland ” show, rate of armour excessive sicken is 1.3% , armour decreases sicken to lead is 6.5% ; Rate of thyroid nodal sicken is 18.6% , among them 5% come 15% it is malign, namely thyroid cancer. Sicken of disease of female thyroid gland leads apparent prep aboveThe male.
ChinaHealthyThe figure that educational center announces shows, at present patient of excessive of our country armour has 10 million, armour decreases a patient 90 million, thyroid tubercle and thyroid cancer patient exceed 100 million, keep the thyroid patient that reckons at present our country has more than 200 million.
Chan Zhongyan introduces, thyroidDiseasesuccess management, the examine prevent floods by water control that needs to raise a doctor makes the same score the healthy consciousness with the patient. Of standard of opposite diagnosis and treatment ceaseless and perfect, our country public is far insufficient to the understanding of thyroid disease, did not accept normative treatment to the patient of 5% only.
In recent years, chinese health teachs center and China medicine assemble to make, established the thyroid public health that teachs delegate of expert of professional orgnaization, medicine, media, patient delegate to be participated in jointly by health to teach directive group, increase thyroid health to teach strength ceaselessly, guide the public to establish healthy life style, release commonweal advertisement and ” thyroid public health teachs core information (try out) ” , raise cognitive level of the public hard, drive disease of thyroid gland of normative make a diagnosis and give treatment.
Thyroid gland of international of Zhou You of conduct propaganda of knowledge of international thyroid gland is allied (TFI) initiated first 2009. Our country rises to hold popular science conduct propaganda, justice examine every year to seek advice between propagandist cycle from 2009 wait for an activity.

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