Drink tea culture: Different woman drinks tea of different preserve one’s health

A lot of MM are easy hands or feet icy, cold, cough or dysmenorrhoea. . . . . . How to do? Small write the wife that is aimed at 7 kinds of different constitutions, collect raise Yan Nuan tea 7 times to disease, let you drink tea to be able to resolve healthy trouble simply.
Hand cool foot puts beauty on the ice coolly
Recommend black tea of honey of jasmine of rose of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: Hands or feet is icy, wear also do not come over warm up more again, because,be more deficiency of yang, in relief gas cannot promote the underhand method that blood runs limb end and appears icy.
Material: The rose does 5, jasmine flower 3g, black tea a packet, honey is right amount.
Develop bubble method: Enter rose, jasmine, black tea boiling water together, build stew bubble 5 minutes. Wait for tea tepid transfer into honey.
Book of secret of preserve one’s health: The rose has regulate the menstrual function of invigorate the circulation of blood, strong liver to raise blood of stomach, filling gas, Jie Yuan’s magical effect; Jasmine but regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it calms the nerves, be good at lienal with the stomach. Honey can embellish bowel is aperient. Black tea can warm the stomach calms the nerves. This tea drink can recuperate gas blood, alleviate intense sentiment, make your color ruddy, still can let Mom of mother’s eldest sister come racily.
Of easy cold quick elder sister
Recommend tea of dangshen of the root of remembranous milk vetch of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: Doctor of traditional Chinese medicineThe body watch that tells a person has to protect energy of life, the person resistance that defends deficiency of vital energy is weak easy cold. Still have there is fire inside a kind of body easy anxious, encounter chilly climate, catch a cold easily also.
Material: Dangshen, the root of remembranous milk vetch each 5g, if conditional word can join aweto, its have filling lung kidney to be stationed in colour, enhance the effect of force of human body immunity.
Develop bubble method: Develop bubble with boiled water directly can, one day can develop bubble for many times repeatedly, also can take finally ate.
   Preserve one’s healthSecret book: The root of remembranous milk vetch enrages the effect that sweat of firm list, collect originallies benignantly, be filling gas first selectionMedicinal material. Pleasant of dangshen sex flavour, smooth, have the profit in filling gas, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid raise blood, be good at lienal composed effect, apply to taste blood of frail, gas tired of two deficient, body is faint wait for disease.
The fine noble of gastric cold constitution
Recommend tea of barley of ginger of fine of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: The stomach is cold, take a place cool or blow bit of cool wind to make gut easily, because,be moreFoodNot the rule, eat hot cold perhaps food always at ordinary times to cause.
Material: Tea of fine ginger, barley each 10g.
Develop bubble method: fine Jiang Qie is become piece or silk and barley tea are put into the cup to pour boiling water together, build cap stew bubble 5 minutes.
Book of secret of preserve one’s health: Laborious of fine Jiang Xingwen, flavour, have medicinal powder cold acetanilide, stop vomit action, apply to cold the stomach such as painful, vomiting is cold person. Barley can recuperate intestines and stomach, help aid digestion. This tea can have the warm stomach, effect that raises a stomach. The girl of cold to the stomach constitution has very good harmonic effect. Drink a cup in the morning, a day of metropolis feels warm to warm. In the morning is the inning that raise a stomach, must not drink cold drink.
The Lin Meimei that always coughs
Recommend tea of licorice of lily of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: The upper respiratory tract is stimulated easily, have the person of the medical history such as pharyngitis, rhinitis, allergy.
Material: Skin of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, lily, bright tangerine each 10g.
Develop bubble method: The tuber of dwarf lilyturf and lily use boiled water bubble first, put tangerine skin again.
Book of secret of preserve one’s health: The tuber of dwarf lilyturf can raise shade to be stationed in colour, embellish skin, the shade of alimentary lung stomach, also have certain curative effect to the cough of chill of diseases caused by external factors. Lily has clear lung to raise the action that shade, moisten the respiratory tract calms the nerves. Bright tangerine skin has the pharynx of announce lung, benefit, effect that relieve a cough. Suit dry cough, mouth to do the person of painful symptom of glossal dry, pharynx particularly.
Often the cold beautiful eyebrow of dysmenorrhoea
Recommend tea of angelica of rose of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: Because be illogical,dysmenorrhoea is painful, because get before,be illogical is more be caused by of cold evil harrass, can come through drink so the palace in warmth, invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu. The dry of person skin Yi Gan that there is extravasated blood inside body normally, this drink still can alleviate the skin is dry, make color better.
Material: Rose, angelica each 10g.
Develop bubble method: Boiled water first bubble angelica, the rose is put after.
Book of secret of preserve one’s health: Angelica can enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, rose but mood of regulate the menstrual function of invigorate the circulation of blood, alleviation, still can enrich the blood scanty solution is neuralgic. Move to blood not the dysmenorrhoea that free causes has very good dredge effect. But because cold and the girl of dysmenorrhoea is not applicable, result from a rose to slant cool.
The fat high-ranked imperial concubine with too good appetite
Recommend tea of lotus leaf of hawkthorn of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: Appetite has exceeded, what to eat sweet, love to eat the alimental such as the flesh, sweetmeats especially belle of Yang Guifei type. Have costive worry at ordinary times.
Material: Lotus leaf doing is tasted, hawkthorn doing tastes each 15g, definitely pine torch 10g.
Develop bubble method: Put afore-mentioned stuff into the cup together, enter boiling water, after making an appointment with 10 minutes with cap stew bubble drinkable.
Book of secret of preserve one’s health: This tea service has certainReduce weightEffect. Lotus leaf, hawkthorn all but disappear fat goes be bored with, the intake with the adipose source outside decreasing at the same time, definitely pine torch is OK bowel of clear heat, embellish discharges poison, reduce alvine path to absorb more adipose.
The pressure younger sister with lumbar acerbity painful neck
Recommend tea of grapefruit of the bark of eucommia of warm water ╱
Suit a constitution: Weather chill if heat preservation is insufficient, often sit the person of the office is easy the symptom with aching lumbar of occurrence cervical vertebra.
Material: Tea of 5g of the bark of eucommia, grapefruit one spoon.
Develop bubble method: Use leach bubble the bark of eucommia first, put grapefruit tea again, agitate divide evenly can.
Book of secret of preserve one’s health: The bark of eucommia can benefit liver kidney, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone, reduce neuter adipose. Because place of the bark of eucommia contains composition to be able to quicken metabolism,this is, stimulative quantity of heat is used up, weight nature drops, in addition the effect that the bark of eucommia still has precautionary consenescence. Grapefruit has lung of be good at stomach, embellish, enrich the blood, clear bowel, benefit, the effect such as stimulative cut heal. Grapefruit still contains rich protein, organic acid and the human body such as calcic, phosphor, magnesium essential element.

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