Dusk loves popularity ” marry and not “

Old people marriage loves a problem much
Dusk loves popular ” to marry and not “
Dusk loves popular ” to marry and not “Old personSection ” comes, many single old people dress up fashionable, will to old age date the new partner that can seek life. The reporter understands in interview, dusk of old people ” loves ” popularity ” marries and not ” , “Dusk loves the optional sex of ” to let be out of pocket of a few people hurt feeling again.
“Old people talks about dusk to love what do not get a marriage certificate is very much, two people are in even if well very few also somebody does card. “Commonweal soubrette Liang Jianming of 67 years old says Taiyuan town, in many pairs of 20 when in her pull wires succeeds single old people of 60 years old of above, those who get a marriage certificate have 35 pairs only.
Ever was the ” that ” loves to open ” hard in mind mouth while dusk loves ” to be accepted by social place gradually, latter however frequency is perplexed by uncivilized behavior. Many once the old person of ” cohabitational ” states love often dies without known cause.
Once experience lets Liang Jianming find both funny and annoying. “Attend date a few old people will mirror, they are mixed same the old man has talked about love, live together even, but often duration is less than half month, old man with respect to substitution ” .
An aunt that does not wish to disclose a full name mentions what she fails to date when experience be ashamed angry. In date on the meeting, this aunt knew ” of old handsome young man of a ” , talked about both sides of period of time Dou Jiaoting is appropriate, the man puts forward first eat regularly in gets along but do not marry. She feels to hold out save trouble so, agreed. After a year, the other side did not make even call however walked along ” with respect to ” , from now on phonic message is devoid.
The reporter dates in old people of Taiyuan city see on the meeting, the old lady that comes round to date people dress up simple, old men instead each often comes spruce, many person comb get style of sleek, dress. The reporter chats with the identity that dates for relatives and friends and a few old men, discover they expect to look for an individual one case eat regularly in gets along, but the problem that faces marriage of place good finish, fumble mostly, look for reason evade.
Among them an old person that 65 years old of bridge surname expresses to the reporter secretly, oneself chooseFemaleValue the other side more beautiful, and the age is not important, “28 years old go, want a family to be willing only ” .
Children is interfered to old person emotive, children breaks up the contradiction that waits for a problem to go up in provide for, belongings is the main reason that causes old people eat regularly in to get along. But this is not only reason.
“Pass to go down too with respect to eat regularly in all right, be no good too part company, this kind of special marriage loves old people state of mind makes the person of impure ’ of motive of not little ‘ organic can be taken the advantage of. “Zhengzhou universityPsychologyProfessor learning a department says in king eaves, quick combinative way left more free spaces to everybody, abate also of course mutual the sanction between.

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