Female preserve one’s health: Different age paragraph plan of take a tonic to build up health

If the woman is spent. Should let flower can beautiful blossom, need has appropriate nutrition to irrigate, the care that has sunshine grace is moist. To the female of different age, need the care of family likewise, and daily him care nutrition is compensatory, ability lets beauty blossom at any time.
Nutrient expert expresses, of the female maintain the job is to be accompanied all one’s life, the female of different age is facing the pressure that comes from family, job, life, facing a lot of challenge, what should learn to understand oneself more is bit more fragile, maintain correctly, be fond of him cherish.
● adolescence female (25Year old previously) :
Control weight, avoid anemia
Nutrient complement key: Contain a lot ofC of iron, vitaminfood
Be in adolescent female to resemble is when flower is the brightest, what they pay close attention to most is his appearance, the female that reducing weight is this age layer often is hanged in a word of mouth edge. Very much even person can be used do not have a meal, little have a meal, the lifestyle of dietary disorder, this is the one big reason that causes female anemia.
Additional, adolescent female likes all sorts of snacks, especially insalubrious food. Be like potato piece, the food with the heavy taste such as food of blast of candied, decoct. These eating much bring about easily not only fat, affect normal food, cause anemia secondhand.
Take good care of sb square:
Adolescent female anaemia can be affected healthy, cause period disorder, long-term anaemia does not intervene affect birth function more possibly. Accordingly, besides want regular food besides, adolescent female can complement appropriately the food that contains a lot ofC of iron, vitamin. Can eat the food such as red jujube, bean products, liver more appropriately, improvement is anaemic, enhance body strength.
Additional, control weight even, too fat female both neither is beautiful, affect health possibly still, too poor woman may affect conception. Control of proposal BMI index is between 18.9-23.9.
The / before ● pregnantBe pregnant level (25Year old – 35Year old) :
Enhance strength, comprehensive and compensatory nutrition
Nutrient complement key: Calcium of zinc of folic acid, iron, BA group of things with common features vitamin
After entering the job, the female is faced with marry, the life important matter of unripe child. The female of this one phase already ” decay ” is mature, begin to prepare to become pregnant. Ceng Qing hill suggests, the female of this one phase, ought to need nutrition with place of all and compensatory body, offer fitness, lay next good foundations to become pregnant.
Take good care of sb square:
1, left and right sides of at least 3 months, want to begin additional folic acid.
Folic acid is the important nurture that prevents deformation of fetal god be in charge of, the female to equipment pregnancy especially important, material of this kind of nutrition is main and OK get from inside green vegetable. Of course, like to have the woman of greenery vegetable usually, folic acid intake is enough, need not additional complement.
And the woman that has greenery vegetable less usually, the proposal should complement appropriately, can absorb relevant medicaments even, prevent folic acid shortage.
2, nutrient food.
Equipment pregnant female needs to raise fitness in the round, accordingly, the nutrition in diet wants comprehensive. For example the food that much edible contains a lot ofvitamin C, B to wait, conduce to enhance immune power, enhance fitness.
Drink D of milk, proper compensatory vitamin more, OK and promotional skeleton is able-bodied, prepare for healthy conception. Proper complement contains a lot ofthe food of iron, avoid anemia; Eat contain the food with much zinc, enhance immune function, opposite breed function all has profit.
● life fastigium (35Year old – 55Year old) :
The society releases pressure, absorb high grade nurture
Nutrient complement key: The milk, soja, nut, moisture, food that contains a lot ofcollagen
Enter female of 35 years old, stepped the fastigium of life. In this one phase, the female is facing the pressure that comes from family, job, life, have on old, next having small, times feeling pressure is enormous. Before consideration nutrition is compensatory, what should pay attention to ‘ heart ’ to go up more is alimentary. Right now female should learn to face pressure correctly, release pressure.
Family, husband, friend, child, old person, around the woman that also wants care to be in special phase in the close friends all round the female.
Take good care of sb square:
Pass the complement of all sorts of nurture, maintain good position, also be a kind when ease female pressure. Expert proposal, after 35 years old, the female can eat firm fruit food more appropriately, wait like sesame seed, earthnut, walnut. Firm fruit food is a kind of healthy snacks, contain a lot ofB of not saturated and adipose, vitamin a group of things with common features, these are high grade nurture, conduce to enhance cranial nerve function.
On food, much edible fish, birds kind, eat pig flocks and herds less, absorb high grade protein, reduce saturation adipose, conduce to control weight. Drink more even milk, much eat soya-bean milk, the calcium of need of place of OK and compensatory human body mixes milk mineral, soya-bean milk can complement plant estrogen and protein, conduce to protect foster daughter sex.
Did not forget to want to often drink water more, compensatory and many moisture can eliminate ” of trash of the ” inside body, add skin flexibility, let a female have self-confidence more.
● old age (55After year old) :
Want to control weight, also want to absorb nutrient material more
Nutrient complement key: Pink of recipe grandma, nutlet, BA group of things with common features vitamin, prandial fiber
Weight is the index that the female needs to pay close attention to all one’s life. Do not pass fat, do not pass thin, be importantHealthyIndex. To old people especially such. Old people is chronicDiseaseThe crowd of much hair, Hypertensive, tall blood fat, diabetic wait, with weight be closely bound up.
Weight crosses fat, abrupt gain weight, probable a kind of expression that is a disease. Old people of proposal of Ceng Qing hill had better come every weeks every months to detect weight, avoid to overweight or increase suddenly of weight, conduce to monitoring disease.
Take good care of sb square:
1, old people can absorb coarse food grain more appropriately.
Difference of old people digestive function, body is frail, vitamin of B a group of things with common features, prandial fiber, microelement is contained a lot ofin coarse food grain, the nurture that is need of place of this one phase is qualitative. But want to notice, eat coarse food grain to be equal to more have coarse food grain only, eat 50g-100g of coarse food grain everyday, 100g-150g of rice of essence of life, collocation of degree of finish is more healthy.
2, absorb more nutrition material
As a result of the absorption of old people ability is differred, same nurture is qualitative, the amount that need absorbs is larger also. Accordingly, the calcium that can improve skeleton the qualitative, iron that improves anaemia the vitamin A with dry skin of the qualitative, zinc that enhances immune power, vitamin C that increases strength, precaution, all can increase intake appropriately. Additional, pink of nutlet of much edible of this one period (easier edible) , compensatory vitamin B a group of things with common features, conduce to prevent gawkish.
Expert proposal, Old personRecipe grandma is a right choice. Senile recipe milk powder is the nutrient material that needs in the light of old people place, calcic to iron zinc, vitamin, mineral waited for nurture to be done strengthen, have common bright milk hard be equal to the comprehensive nutrition that reach, proposal old ageFemaleCan drink recipe powdered milk for a long time.

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