Female preserve one’s health: Menstruation is periodic 4 phase are optimal dietary program

Besides menstruation, every other every easy life of a small family, belong to a certain special phase of menstrual cycle, every phase has its special physiology characteristic and nutrient demand, need your special care.
Menstrual cycle of the rule can be divided for 4 phase, namely menstruation is medium, follicular period, oviposit period and corpus luteum period, every phase is carried to eating, can alleviate not only the loss that brings via hematic prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, still can let you have a health and beauty.
The 1stLevel: In menstruation
Time: 1 after menstruation begins~ 7Day
[keyword] platoon blood +Regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it
Menses makes a period again, of menstruation come wet delegate is worn last the end of menstrual cycle, also mean the beginning of this second menstruation cycle. So, menses is the process that a new old acquaintance replaces.
In travel period, discharging blood is the most important physiology phenomenon, “Stay one minute Yu chaotic, affect ” of a minute of new student. The task with this the so mainest moment promotes classics blood namely successful eduction, outside the body of dated trash eduction the body. Once classics blood eliminates sordid, rudimental gore causes uterine pathological change easily.
Modern woman job and life pressure are greater, a lot of people have the liver obstruction of the circulation of vital energy of different level to written guarantee, accompany dysmenorrhoea and menstruation to be not moved. Accordingly, recuperate the body again.
Dietary proposal:
1, food of proper choice invigorate the circulation of blood
Classics blood not a long time, the OK and right amount bishop that drink a dot or red wine, can loose of stimulate the menstrual flow, Wen Yang enrichs the blood, outspread blood-vessel, also have alleviate the effect of dysmenorrhoea.
The fruit dish such as orange, shepherd’s purse, caraway, carrot, fingered citron, ginger, have effect of invigorate the circulation of blood of regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, it is the good choice with maigre period.
2, edible is lukewarm filling food
Menstruation eats food of raw or cold food to hurt in relief morale easily, bring about inside cold, can make classics blood moves not free, cause classics blood too little even dysmenorrhoea. Accordingly, period food with lukewarm fill give priority to, choose hotpot, chicken for example, , skin of soya-bean milk, , the food such as Job’s tears benevolence, milk, brown sugar, motherwort, angelica, longan, these fruits also have big jujube, cherry, litchi, peach lukewarm classics comes loose the action of regulate the menstrual function of cold, invigorate the circulation of blood.
Cookbook recommends: Drink of tea of brown sugar ginger
Period body experiences prediction of a person’s luck in a given year a variety of nutrition, brown sugar just can complement the nutrition that the body needs, still have enrich the blood the effect that beneficial enrages, ginger has the effect with cold drive. Period drinks tea of brown sugar ginger more, can promote haemal circulation, invigorate the circulation of blood to turn Yu person, let classics blood unobstructed.
Practice: Jujube, Jiang Pian is put into stewing boiled vessel, add water to boil 10 ~ 20 minutes; Put brown sugar finally, boil 9 minutes again.
[health is stuck person] simple vagina holds the blood that aid a platoon
The eduction of classics blood is to rely on uterine systole, but we cannot control an uterus by oneself, we are OK and concessive nevertheless the vaginal activity that the uterus moves repeatedly, generation interlinks effect.
A, resembling is to want an effort infuse vagina inside same, or so toe stands into upcountry inside 8. Envisage oneself to wanting to wear tight briefs contractible abdomen, adopt two tactics in the across before the bosom bosom, let the vagina lie loosen condition.
B, deep breathing, spend 5 seconds of slow ground about expiratory. Make next abdomens again sunken go down gradually, let the vagina have the feeling that is played to carry by upgrade.
C, breathe slowly loosen, same order turns over Fu 5 times. Was used to let the vaginaMotionHind, calculate a hand to hold a bosom in the arms to also have nothing to do with without across.
The 2ndLevel: Follicular period
Time: 7 of physiology cycle~ 14Day
[keyword] method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood enrichs the blood +Fight consenescence
Follicular period make classics later period again. Classics hind is earlier, the body is in after lunar course, a sea of blood empty, the develop of shade water is very slow also, want to notice alimentary shade fluid at this moment, aid its to restore.
Menstruation comes when tide, the body can lose one part blood. Haemal bases has the inorganic salt such as serous albumen, Potassium, iron, calcic, magnesium, come every time so menstruation can lose one part protein and inorganic salt. Accordingly, tell from in principle, inside the 1-5 day after menstruation is clean, should complement protein, mineral wait for nutrient material to reach with a few enrich the blood medicine, already but beneficial skin hairdressing has again enrich the blood the food of the action of invigorate the circulation of blood andMedicines and chemical reagentsBecame first selection.
Because the estrogen inside body reachs the action of corpus luteum ketone, inside different physiology cycle, cutaneous condition also can differ. In 7 days after period ends, estrogen and element of corpus luteum ketone can experience relatively acuteness change, it is skin metabolism right now the fastest, absorb when nutrient is best, it is female ” fights consenescence right now so gold period ” .
Dietary proposal:
1, the food that eats method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood to enrich the blood more
Menstruation is the gold that enrich the blood inside 7 days afterwards period, as a result of menstruation prediction of a person’s luck in a given year iron is qualitative, protein, inorganic salt, so dietary appropriate eats the food that contains a lot ofiron, calcic, magnesian, protein more. Common method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood enrichs the blood food has:
The flesh kind: Fish and the food such as all sorts of animal liver, blood, lean lean, yoke contain iron to abound. Biology active is tall, be absorbed easily to use by human body.
Commissariat kind food: Often can eat some of black rice, black soybean, sesame seed, sweet potato to wait, these food can fill kidney beneficial essence, the skin of embellish of invigorate the circulation of blood, moisten the respiratory tract that raise shade.
Greengrocery food: Often eat lotus root of some of spinach, lotus, dawdle, black agaric, tremella to wait, contain a lot ofamylaceous, calcic, phosphor, iron to reach a variety of vitamins, can moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, enrich the blood raise blood.

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