Female undergraduate grows on the face ” dove egg ” for infrequent difficulty tumour

Read Xiaoceng of 21 years old of of artistic major female undergraduates, because suffer from infrequent and malign jaw facial tumour, worry for a time can cause face paralysis because of the operation, from now on with leading edge of arena a special skill. Reporter a few days ago from Zhongshan university accessary the 6th hospital learns, accessary stomatological hospital is surgery of face of jaw of this courtyard oral cavity and Zhongshan university together small Ceng Chenggong excises tumor. Current, her refreshment the case is good, can weigh Zhan Xiaoyan very quickly.
Before a few months, left ministry is felt to have a knot in one’s heart of a small flesh inadvertently when Xiaoceng washs a face, thinking at first is ” stays up late ” of suffer from excessive internal heat causes, had the remedy of a few clear fire. Who knows, fleshy a knot in one’s heart grows to like dove egg size gradually, return companion to have aching feeling, she just feels the thing is bad, rapidly go to a doctor.
According to Zhongshan room of surgery of face of jaw of 6 courtyards oral cavity thinks of refine director to introduce, swollen content grows to go up in left deputy parotid gland of Xiaoceng, suspicion is malign swollen content, swollen content of left deputy parotid gland enlarges executive ” resection + after left nerve anatomizes art ” , discovery swollen content and all round constituent adhesion, the most intractable is partial facial nerve crosses swollen content, so if should excise tumor thoroughly, must the facial nerve ” that will suffer swollen content to lap carries ” one brood. This means paralysis of occurrence face of certainly will of the Xiaoceng after art.
To avoid the artistic dream of this young girl broken, fang Sailian breaks free from conventions, take step of the operation that do not have tumour first, cut from this swollen substance appearance take fraction organization, send freezing pathology quickly the examination, invite Zhongshan university instantly accessary oral cavityHospitalDirector of surgery of face of oral cavity jaw Professor Liao Guiqing and Shanghai hand in authority of great oral cavity pathology Li Jiang teachs consultation. 3 experts think what Xiaoceng has tumor very infrequent, it is a doubt that cannot give out to be diagnosed clearlyDifficult diseaseExemple, preliminary diagnose for malignTumor.
Considering tumor the likelihood makes progress quickly, in big the expert of two accessary hospitals makes operation plan jointly: After excising tumor and the opposite side nerve that lap inside, undertake ear big nerval transplants instantly, with will replace lack the facial nerve that lose, so that restore facial nerve function to the greastest extent.
Final, xiaoceng’s operation scores a success, can weigh Zhan Xiaoyan very quickly.

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