Female winter makes want to raise Morpheus into filling key

The winter makes enter fill, a lot of females eat cream square, it is to going straight towards what two words go to ” Morpheus ” . Because they cannot fall asleep. Good fell asleep not easily, also sleep not deep, awake in the middle of the night, goggle to day break. Those who sleep to be not worn is bitter, without has experienced person, do not know to have much anguish.
Gas blood two empty, sleep of course bad
Do not know you to pass alertly, besideFemale, a lot of people sleep bad. Why be always the female sleeps bad?
Above all, feminine classics, belt, embryo, produce, breast, concern with gas blood, gas blood one frail, it is difficult to fall asleep, much dream, mian is shallow, awake to also sleep to be not worn again in the middle of the night. Sleep bad, complexion is bad, the skin is coarse, constipation, forgetful, enrage a god without essence of life.
Next, female much consider carefully, easy mood is changed. The mood is concerned with liver, liver belongs to wood, lienal belong to earth, wood captures land, diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain is not scanty, air plane not free, can affect lienal function directly, and lienal function appears problem, can sleep bad.
The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine says, the heart conceals a mind, there is ” of Lilliputian of a ” inside the heart, the name calls ” divine ” . “Divine ” should have a thing, who will offer? The meal has after going in by lienal the food that will offer a kind to call ” gas blood ” . Lienal function is bad, the gas blood that supplies ” of heart ” god is insufficient, empty of occurrence gas anaemia. “Divine ” be on short commons, not quiet, move in disorder, this is mind inquietude, expression is not worn to sleep, much dream. Blood is insufficient, cerebrum loses nutrition, you are met swimmy, forgetful; Painstaking care is inadequate, complexion is not good-looking, argument looks weak white; Blood is insufficient, peristalsis reduces large intestine, lack lubricant, with respect to constipation. Say so, feminine beauty sleeps.
Morpheus becomes poor, leucocyte decreases
Say daughter need is rich raise. But modern woman, from read to go to work, a few can sleep to nature to wake? Become aware repeatedly sleep insufficient, what to talk about rich raise? Long-term Morpheus is insufficient, bring about gas anaemia empty necessarily, morpheus quality becomes very easily poor. Additional, reducing weight is the topic of female eternity forever. Be on a diet had reduced weight first, with respect to the deficient empty of blood of meeting occurrence gas, influence Morpheus.
The female in the city has a general appearance now, at ordinary times white blood cell is small arrive to have 449 only, chalaicha goes checking not the germ of be out of order. These leucocyte compare small woman, it is the person with Morpheus nice not very for the most part, and time is very long. Morpheus is long-term not beautiful, cause white blood cell low, be advocate because of.
In former Zhejiang provinceHospitalDrug-store director, show square rejuvenescent hallMedicinal materialProfessor of hill of stannum of Xu of division of Chinese traditional medicine of level of quality adviser, state says, the United States has done a test, the animal with Morpheus long time, leucocyte is much, the animal with Morpheus little time, white blood cell is small. Morpheus and leucocyte are concerned directly. That is to say, the person with nice Morpheus, immune function is good, insomnious person, immune function is low.
Inside the body, those who be in charge of immune function is leucocyte, leucocyte is originally of 18 thousand, there is 449 only now. This is just like sleep in the evening, the door in the home did not shut, nobody is on duty, the tiger can come in at any time have a person. Tumor patient, chemical medicaments is used, leucocyte arrived 5000 the following, city gate fall, hit litre of white needle immediately, leucocyte amount flew to go up euqally, but the person still does not have effort, much dream, because these leucocyte are the leucocyte that did not mature, ” catchs ” of v/arc able-bodied man to be caught them.
Insomnia, rely on to take sleeping pill, function of the immunity below such circumstance is inevitable and low, city gate is big, ” of various ” big tiger: Tumor, Hypertensive, if all sorts of coronary heart disease, diabetic, immune system diseases are all sorts of liver disease, dermatosis, premature senility, hypersensitive wait, meet impediment person early tardy.
Recuperate insomnia, want ” gently “
“It is medicine 3 minutes poisonous ” , “Take medicine the burden ” of kidney of can aggravating liver, how does this word understand?
Everybody knows, a decoction of medicinal ingredients of Chinese traditional medicine is cloudy, thick Brown, and pee is buff. This change of a decoction of medicinal ingredients, it is the result after liver kidney filters, say to take medicine so the burden of kidney of can aggravating liver.
The person with bad Morpheus, liver kidney function had taken pain to quite originally, you again a decoction of medicinal ingredients of 400CC goes down, the Morpheus problem of a lot of people still is not solved.
Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Qing Yutang, square rejuvenescent hall, Beijing colleague hall, kind the old drug industry of heart hall says, adult fools little kid fall asleep, want to sing cradlesong, cannot sing rock-and-roll. Recuperate insomnia, the argument is same, because of insomnious person, the five internal organs of heart, liver, lienal, lung, kidney is empty, recuperate the medicaments of Morpheus, also should be ” cradlesong ” : Property of a medicine has been jumped over blandly more, herbal medicines in a prescription is purer better. Inside Chinese traditional medicine, the medicine of heavy taste is much, the medicine of small taste is little; The medicine of clear hot detoxify is much, ning Xinan’s magical medicine is little. Ning Xinan’s magical medicine, those who sing leading role is feral glossy ganoderma, wild hill ginseng. Decoct of soup of feral glossy ganoderma rises, medical color is even lighter than coke, wild hill ginseng, older ginseng flavour is weaker. But be weak ” of this ” light ” , ” , after the patient is taken, liver kidney burden was done not have, slowly, after a week, was asleep.
Want to sleep well, raising liver is essential
The woman is with blood this, liver stores blood, it is good to want dozy Mian, essential still should raise liver.
Of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Qing Yutang, square rejuvenescent hallDoctor of traditional Chinese medicineSay, insomnia most hurt liver, bravery classics left at 11 o’clock in the evening, this moment sleeps to be not worn, injury bravery is angry, bravery enrages one empty, function of systemic internal organs of the body drops. Slept to 3 o’clock at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night bad, liver cannot remove poison, cannot produce new blood, cyan can appear on the face. So, insomnia should raise liver, raise liver to resemble raising a daughter, should rich raise, sleep raise ability to cure. So, ” inside classics ” say ” person lies blood is attributed to liver ” . Shed what measure via hepatic blood stream to increase, be helpful for enhancing the function of liver cell, raise liver the alexipharmic ability of this chemical plant.
We by day why driving? Because have in blood,be be in charge of excited by day hormone catechu dividing phenolic amine, inside blame peptide, these hormone arrived to sleep in the evening before, should outside eduction body, liver does not have more effort to clear these ” poisonous ” from inside blood go out, cerebrum is excited all the time, it is difficult to fall asleep so. Why can feral glossy ganoderma let a person be asleep? The commonnest explanation, feral glossy ganoderma grows so that resemble liver, with form filling form.
Professor Xu Xishan says, feral glossy ganoderma is famous alexipharmic medicinal material, liver ill patient eats feral glossy ganoderma, index turns shade, be it discharges the toxin inside blood; The medicaments that change cure enters blood directly, toxin is very tall, this moment takes feral glossy ganoderma, can have alexipharmic effect, can protect leucocyte little death.
Feral glossy ganoderma is expensive rare crude drug, bigger more precious, can encounter cannot beg, small feral glossy ganoderma, it is immature glossy ganoderma, medical effect follows big is to compare what do not come. Individual big feral glossy ganoderma, be born to grow for long, it is mature glossy ganoderma, property of a medicine is sufficient, via be being taken after conpatibility of medicines, it is particularly good that insomnious person took the effect.

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