Feminine period should notice at 10 o’clock: Foot of hot water bubble eats fruit vegetables not to stay up late more

Feminine menses is a special physiology period. If period life and dietary habit are undeserved, cause dysmenorrhoea, diarrhoea, period easily not the unwell symptom such as the rule. So, want to do a healthy wife, do we need menstruation what to notice?
1, reject cold drink
Everybody knows, feminine period is unfavorable catch cold catch cold, and cold drink can stimulate intestines and stomach, bring about dysmenorrhoea, diarrhoea easily to wait unwell. So, period should reject cold drink, control cold sex alimental to absorb. For instance the snacks such as ice-cream, menstruation needs to say to do obeisance to thoroughly!
2, avoid tea, coffee and wine
  FemalePrediction of a person’s luck in a given year of the meeting after period passes is many iron is qualitative, and more tannic acid is contained in tea, be united in wedlock easily in alvine path with iron ion, generation precipitates, the absorption with ionic to iron mucous membrane of block up bowel. Coffeine can make the breast bilges painful, cause angst, irritable as flabby as the mood, coffeine still can cause hemal systole, cause dysmenorrhoea. And the estrogen with the metabolism that alcohol can destroy carbohydrate and overmuch generation, cause menstruation to shift to an earlier date or defer
3, beverage of avoid carbonic acid
Like to drink the female of carbonic acid beverage at ordinary times, can appear in menses tired and faint with spirit depressed, this is the expression that is short of iron. Because the beverage such as soda water produces chemical reaction jointly with the iron ion inside body, make iron is absorbed hard character. In addition, sodium and gastric juice counteract the bicarbonate in soda water, reduce the digestive ability of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and antiseptic effect, influence appetite.
5, feed less Chinese prickly ash, clove, peppery
Menses should have delicate, taste the smooth, material that contains a lot ofnutrition, unfavorable eat excitant strong hot food, lest cause period,shift to an earlier date and classics quantity is overmuch.
6, food of diet cold sex
The female is in menstruation, diet raw or cold food is cold cool food, especially often the female friend of dysmenorrhoea more should avoid eats. Common cold sex food has: Crab, shrimp, river snail, persimmon, pear, watermelon, bamboo shoot.
7, eat red jujube, longan to wait more
Female period is short of blood, need enrichs the blood, filling iron, but right amount eat a few red jujubes, longan to wait can enrich the blood the food of filling gas, also can drink bit of red syrup more.
8, eat more should season vegetables and fruits
Vegetable fruit nutrition is rich, can complement all sorts of vitamins, what need an attention nevertheless is, had better eat when season fruit, do not want or eat the fruit that turns over season less as far as possible, because turn over the meeting in the process with season mature fruit to use a few hormone, hormone can produce an effect to menstruation, can affect normal menstrual cycle.
9, foot of hot water bubble
Foot of hot water bubble can promote blood to circulate, alleviate fatigue, drive is cold. After bubble foot, still can undertake appropriately thenar massage, more conduce to crural ministry heat preservation, can alleviate effectively dysmenorrhoea.
10, do not stay up late
Good Morpheus is used to andFoodHabit, conduce to have loose bowels of menses of prevention and cure. Accordingly, the female must notice to sleep early in menses, assure Morpheus quality

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