Harmonious sexual life is effective prescription reducing weight

Reproductive health means people to be able to enjoy satisfactory sexual life. Sexual life is a kind of normal physiology and psychological activity. The Mencius says ” feeds color, quality also ” , “Lubricious ” and ” feed ” to belong to coequal demand, the gender is the source of life, happy spring. Harmonious and happy sexual life is both sides of husband and wife obtains joy in mentally not only, obtain on behavior contented, have the following and magical benign effect more, benefit is quite much.
Improve life quality
  Life quality is the main component that builds comparatively well-off society, sexual health harmony is the index with comparatively well-off main life. The sexual life of healthy harmony is helpful for consolidating bilateral feeling, make a family harmonious, it is the flower of happy family and beautiful wine. The thought progress that the sexual life that shows consideration for softly conduces to stimulative person and life are outstanding the formation of moral character, can safeguard a society stable, stimulative mankind civilization progresses, it is necessary indispensable lifestyle.
The enjoyment of spirit and body
  Sexual life is to complete biology breed action not only, the spirit that is a kind of life more is enjoyed and art is enjoyed. From medical angle for, lending sexual love sublimate, the sex with abjection be overwhelmed with sorrow or joy, “The syncretic ” of spirit and flesh makes feeling more agree. After the event of both sides of male and female often can have achieve a kind of harmony happy Yue, happy and happy, contented, contented feeling, can make happy marital experience long cover is new, abound breathtaking glamour. EspeciallyFemale, after one-time climax her mood is in quite long inside upsurge upsurges, very long time is boundless the aftertaste, bright making a person is appetent celestial being. Regretful is true can experience the female of this kind of climax is too little, most female did not get answering belonging to their happiness.
Improve intelligence quotient and work efficiency
  Sexual love can stimulate the person’s cerebra, make the person becomes clever. Sexology expert explanation says, make love to be able to make the body of people excited not only, still can make the cerebrum activity of people becomes unusually brisk, the exudation that increases a cortin thereby is measured. The exudation of the cortin increases, can stimulate the ashen and medullary generation in the person’s cerebra again, make the person’s thinking active, raised intelligence quotient. Data proof, average grade can increase athlete of the female after sexual behavior 2 into, the work efficiency of a lot of females increases apparently, common saying says ” men and women is tie-in, work not tired ” , truly reasonable.
Improve Morpheus quality
  Ideal sexual life has stimulative effect to Morpheus. Nervous and excited body is able to loosen, muscle is in after satisfy tired in be able to extend, the heart is in cheerful later be able to loosen, can cause pleasant tired feeling, your popular feeling happy tired feeling can make the person enters dreamland carefreely, body and mind gets rest adequately is helpful for health. “Sexual love is tremendous tranquillizer ” , the rational of this word word.
Communicate, the panacea of understanding
  The body contacts those who conduce to love to consolidate with sublimate. Tell from mentally, sexual love makes people mood joy cheerful, maintain relaxed and happy good state of mind, can prevent, reduce a sentiment depressed, increase self-confident heart, deepen bilateral and mutual understanding, eliminate intense sentiment, the nervous condition with harmful alleviation, stimulative feeling is harmonious, the spirit that fosters smooth past is traumatic. The life contradiction between husband and wife may melt in closely in the hug. In daily life, such as works difficulty of economy of busy, family, foster children, long young the processing that reachs neighborhood relation, in these environments that are full of pressure and insecurity, sexual life can yet be regarded as an ideal ” shelter ” , can achieve psychological balance.
Increase power of human body immunity, defer consenescence and macrobian
  Sexual life can raise antibody level, the sexual love of rich rule or whole body hot kiss can stimulate human body to be released hormonally, make people reduces what exist to pressure to experience. ” British medicine magazine ” announced pair of 918 ages interpose to arrive 59 years old at 45 years old betweenThe maleBy a definite date 10 years track findings report, the man that discovery makes love every months only is compared make love twice every week the man mortality tower above of above double. Especially bereft of one’s spouse of 50 years old of above, it is a of consenescence of the old people in quickening main reason. Often maintaining sexual life is a kind of when prevent sexual ageing efficient way, what domestic medicine data proves to be able to add life 810 years is long. Have gender, lot really double close, rejuvenescent effect.
Abigail sex hairdressing is young
  In sexual process, systemic muscle is inMotion, quickened haemal circulation, balanced metabolic. General meeting course is sufficient before human body makes love touch, make the person’s skin also has metabolic appearance, often stimulate can prevent skin ageing, hairdressing is facial, massage stimulative blood consenescence is prevented since the loop, sexual love is touched mediumly, the kiss also is same argument. Contemporary sexology proves, the person with happy sexual life, often anxiety is less, temperament is better, wait for support of the people be apt to, more abound
Self-confident, temperamental and much better younger. Because with oneself loves person shares sexual pleasure,this is, stimulative sex hormone is secreted. Hormone secretes hind of grow in quantity and show sexual blush, make skin hyperaemia, attenuate, tender white, ruddy, fingernail becomes molten of burnish, hair and the acne on face of shining, new even wedding day also is met subsidise is reduced. As blood breath is added piece, the moisture inside the cell increases, expression is skin plentiful, furrow decreases to disappear even. A lot of men have this experience, after living sexual life, the woman before oneself appears than making love before more beautiful and more beautiful, moving.

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