Health of female menopause around gives raise of incidence of a disease of problem heart and vessels easily

Physiology of female of the turn of life and mentally can produce a series of change, it is good that a lot of people think ” wants get over the turn of life only ” , have this kind of idea off base. A turning point of life of woman of it may be said of the turn of life, it is a bank more, it makes you uncomfortable at that time not only, inside a few years later, healthy state also can appear a lot of change.
After menopause
Heighten of cardiovascular disease incidence of a disease
After the turn of life, female estrogen is lacked, can cause metabolization unusual, include fat qualitative metabolization, candy metabolization to wait, pathological changes of meeting occurrence cardiovascular system. In addition, as the growth of the age, level of the triglyceride in blood, cholesterol is met heighten, make incidence of a disease of disease of heart and vessels of the woman after menopause apparent heighten. Additional, estrogen can control blood sugar of blood sugar, fat of cholesterol, blood and balance insulin to secrete, increase growth of get on in years, weight and waistline increase subsequently, MotionThe quantity decreases apparently, also be to have diabetic tall danger factor.
Woman of benefit state cityHealth careCourtyard Liu Ji says, somebody calls coronary heart disease is the number one killer of menopause woman, becauseFemaleDie at the heart and vesselsDisease5 times the number is breast cancer, so menopause woman should take the prevention and cure of coronary heart disease seriously.
Additional, the happening of senile and gawkish disease also is concerned with estrogen. The woman occurence rate with early menopause is high, the occurence rate of menopause evening is low, 60 years old rise quickly with late defect rate. Liu Ji expresses, afore-mentioned coronary heart disease, osteoporosis and senile domentia disease all are the appears easily disease after woman the turn of life, should prevent ahead of schedule below the doctor’s guidance.
After the turn of life
Should pay attention to the skin to maintain more
After the turn of life, the skin is easier and dry, look lacklustre. Because hair is reached,this is hypodermic and adipose distributing to all be concerned with the action of estrogen. As the lack of the decline of the growth of the age, ovarian function, estrogen, woman skin, hair all produces apparent change, the skin attenuates, flexibility disappears gradually, occurrence furrow, expose especially place, wait for place like face, neck, hand, the lines with two quoin is more distinct all round the mouth. Skin of the back of hand attenuates, make hypodermic vein clear and visible. Additional, cutaneous moisture also decreases than the youth, 60% of gross weight of body of humanness of fluid of young human body, and to there is 40% only when old age.
Can use a few methods to defer cutaneous consenescence or the appearance that improve skin ageing. Want life rule above all, spirit is happy, eat high protein and the food of tall vitamin more, daily should notice to undertake outdoors activity and body take exercise appropriately. Still can undertake the skin is massaged, especially the face is cervical the skin, do 9 times everyday, time is controlled 15 minutes, can prevent skin flexibility grow in quantity of bring down, palpebral prolapse, furrow and cervical skin are flabby. Because the skin is dry, 41 ℃ ~ can be used when bathing 42 ℃ Wen Shui, choose alkalescent small neuter soap. Winter, facial should inunction the protection ointment such as water of a few glycerine.

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