How is autumn woman raised? Encyclopedia of cookbook of autumn wife preserve one’s health

Autumn dry enrages in season, hurt body fluid easily, lung of Yin Run of reason food Ying Yizi is advisable. It is cookbook of autumn wife preserve one’s health below.
Autumn, point to our country the traditional Chinese calendar 7, 8, September, include the Beginning of Autumn, the Limit of Heat, White Dew, the autumnal equinox, Cold Dew, Frost’s descent 6 solar term. " when element asks · dirty spirit way, talk " say: “Lung advocate autumn. . . . . . Lobar astringent, eat sick at heart urgently with closing, fill with acid, xin Xie’s ” . Lung of visible acidity astringent is angry, lung of have diarrhoea of laborious flavour diverge, autumnal appropriate closes unfavorable medicinal powder, want to eat the Xin Weizhi such as green, ginger less to taste as far as possible so, feed acidity fruit vegetables more appropriately. Autumn when lobar gold in season, lobar Jin Taiwang overcomes liver wood, reason ” golden deficient summary ” again what ” autumn does not feed lobar ” say.
Autumn dry enrages in season, hurt body fluid easily, lung of Yin Run of reason food Ying Yizi is advisable. ” drink board is wanting ” say: “Autumn gas dry, appropriate feeds Ma Yirun its dry, ban cold water ” . More the view feeds virgin soil congee into Qiu Yi, with moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood person. Anyhow, fall season, but the soft embellish food such as proper edible sesame seed, polished glutinous rice, rice, honey, loquat, pineapple, milkings, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid with beneficial stomach. What does cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health have?
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 1, ormosia lily
Stew pear as it happens with rock candy contrary, suit above what carry Xu Han constitutional person is drinkable, ormosia is warm sex and lily is OK the firepower that in a way counteracts ormosia makes this cordial cites in autumn unapt get angry but the person algidity that can enhance immune power and makes hands or feet frozen alleviates somewhat, suit Beijing to just decided central heating spring particularly air temperature is not so warm day edible.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 2, rock candy stews pear
Autumn male dry and dress of big not seasonable increase and decrease can cause difference in temperature of morning and evening cold, rock candy stews pear embellish lung to relieve a cough is autumn can the very good sweetmeats of reduce internal heat, also can join honey to wait other flavor, the person that lienal to gastric empty nevertheless weak itself is cold sex constitution is not easy much drink can cause gas deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it otherwise weak stomach is cold.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 3, tremella medlar
The cordial that the girl should drink more, tremella contains a lot ofrich collagen albumen and effect of Baizhi having the beauty, drink more raise the medlar on Yan Pei to still have enrich the blood the effect that enhances immune power.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 4, fruit vegetables juice
Autumn is the season of compensatory vitamin, everythings on earth looks up gemmiparous if we want to maintain vigor to also want to eat a fruit more, fruit vegetables juice joins honey and white water to debug through extracting fresh season fruit juice is the environmental protection that has not suited most, nutrition, HealthyDrink, and to aperient, platoon poison is mixed reduce weight have certain effect, but the fruit collocation that the person of different constitution wants to select appropriate kind extracts juice.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 5, congee of medlar of chrysanthemum big jujube
Chrysanthemum is ” of the faery in ” flower of the autumn. The history of chrysanthemum of our country edible is very long, early in period of the Warring States patriotic poet Qu Yuan has lily magnolia dropping of ” day water to show, evening eat Qiu Juzhi falls flower the chant of ” . Chrysanthemum odour is aromatic, can cook an a variety of delicate cate. Chrysanthemum can help human body fill well gas, filling force, except dry, detoxify. Modern medicine proves, chrysanthemum is fat, hypertensive to the tall blood of modern, inferior the chronic illness such as health, have very good recuperation effect.
Medlar has solution heat, treatment diabetic, relieve a cough expectorant wait for curative effect, after medlar root decoction drinkable can fall blood pressure. Medlar tea service has remedial constitution all sorts of disease of kidney of Xu Han, be good at stomach, liver, tuberculosis, constipation, insomnia, low blood pressure, anaemic, eyes disease, drop hair, stomatitis, protect skin to wait for action. The person that frail, constant cold, resistance needs the constitution is best everyday edible. Medlar is tepid the result is strong, have hypertensive, temper the person of too previous impetuous had better not edible.
Pleasant of flavour of big jujube sex is smooth, have the effect of blood of filling gas increase into taste, be be good at the beautiful that lienal beneficial enrages is tasted. Doctor of traditional Chinese medicineCommonly used taste of big jujube cure is frail, angry the disease such as hematic inadequacy, insomnia. Big jujube has protection hepatic, reduce the effect such as hematic fat. Although big jujube is flavour pleasant, avirulent, but the gender slants damp and hot, reason cannot be fed more, especially inside the person that have damp and hot, feed meeting occurrence chills and fever more thirsty, stomach bilges etcHarmful response.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 6, soup of gram Yi benevolence duck
Duck flesh sex is cold, except can fill greatly empty fatigue, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood raises a stomach outside, still butDisinfectionThe pee of hot, benefit, furuncle that retreat sore, this is birds of flesh of most and tepid sex kind place is scarce. Accordingly, qiu Chu eats old duck to have the effect of detumescence of water of heat of Qing Dynasty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, benefit most. But the expert reminds say, duck flesh sex is cold, reason taste Xu Han, abdomen is cold have loose bowels of painful, defecate, because of cold dysmenorrhoea person unfavorable feed more.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 7, chop of taro pink evaporate
Taro contains a lot ofstarch, nutrition is rich, basically contain a variety of protein, calcic, phosphor, iron, vitamins. Its texture is soft slip, digest easily, have effect of be good at stomach, disease of frail, path sufferring from bowel, tuberculosis mixes particularly appropriate taste to be in the patient edible of convalescence, the edible beautiful that is infant and old people is tasted.
Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 8, sweet pear double silk
Fall season enrages bright high, the moisture in air decreases, right now easy occurrence pharynx does people nose dry, lip does thirsty, cough not to have phlegmy, skin dry wait for phenomenon of ” of ” autumn dry. The pear of a ” that element has 100 fruit of ” has its distinct curative effect to autumn dry disease.
Pear sex is small cold flavour pleasant, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, moisten the respiratory tract bowel of expectorant, embellish is aperient etc, basically use at pyretic ferry injury, be perturbed dry of dry tongue of dry cough of dry of thirsty, lung, pharynx, or cancer of the esophagus dry and hard of queasy, defecate, drink overmuch disease. The autumn is daily insist to eat two pear to be able to prevent autumn dry on certain level. Pear still has effect of clear heat, composed nerve, toHypertensive, patient of much dream of heart disease, thirsty constipation, giddy dazzled, insomnia has favorable auxiliary curative effect, the sanitarian fruit of autumn of patient of disease of pear or hepatitis, kidney.
Chu Qiu eats a turnip can the fire in dispel midsummer heart, farmer’s proverb has trailing plants of ” head bend over to predict ” of dish of 2 bend over say. Still have ” turnip with respect to tea, enrage so that the doctor climbs the common adage of ” completely.
The turnip has a lot of officinal value, than if seed can disappear is fed expectorant, next gas breathe heavily surely; Leaf can stop have diarrhoea; The turnip is seedy the root that often dies, call the ground withered trailing plants, can diuresis is retreated swollen. The ” turnip that civilian place says can relieve a cough suitable spirit pass the time in a leisurely way feeds the ” that turn water, the lid results from this. This kind of officinal effect that god-given is a turnip and tea are having the place of photograph be in harmony, enter autumn turnip taking a place, drink bit of good tea, hot to eliminating the poison of the smolder in human body of summer vacation time gas restores divine Qing Dynasty to enrage bright have medical ground. Returning those who be worth to carry is ” Yangzhou couplet of a pair of preserve one’s health also has mentioned the 8 Zhengban bridges that blame one of ” turnip and tea: “Meal of unpolished rice of green vegetables turnip, chrysanthemum of water of day of made of baked clay crock changes tea ” , this old gentleman is recumbent ” turnip probably with respect to tea ” of long life of this one eloquence!

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