Hypertensive diabetic should prevent ED more

October 28 is ” of day of health of male of the 14th ” of our country. Health of ” care male is in the theme, of Xiang Xingfu ” setting out the man is healthy 2013 on day theme propaganda, china cure learns male scientific branch to await a chairman committee member, Beijing University director of male division of the 3rd hospital Professor Jiang Hui points out, according to World Health Organization newest investigation shows, did not come 10 years, the anticipation of amount of global ED patient grows very breathtaking, predicted to will reach 322 million patient 2025. From group age structure looks, ED patient of the Asia basically is centered in 40—70 year old, ED scale is as high as 50% above, make disease of male division of a kind of extensive sex. And China is in of ED problem add fast especially conspicuous.
“AndHypertensive, diabetic, fat like waiting for chronic illness, the ED of rapid growth, the sexual blessing of minatory broad male. “Jiang Hui expresses, clinical investigation shows, the hypertensive patient of about 52% and the diabetic of 68% have ED. “Hypertensive, diabetic is the tall danger crowd of ED. “Hypertensive, diabetic is the tall danger crowd of ED..
Hypertension brings about ED, basically be the arteriosclerosis that causes because of hypertension, make blood stream of below half body decreases, affect the penis to offer blood thereby, bring about or aggravating ED. In addition, because sexual love needs certain physical power, a few illnesses heavier or control not the hypertensive patient of beautiful, can appear in life of husband and wife unwell, this also accentuated the patient’s hypertensive to sexual life aggravation concern, together with now and then coital failure produced psychogenic disorder. The diabetic cannot erect, also appear gradually mostly. And diabetic cause blood-vessel and nerve pathological change, it is one of most as close as ED relation diseases.
Speak of to treat ED, folk has a lot of folk prescription, the reins that be like a sheep, unripe oyster, leek, it is everybody familiar to the ear can the ” of dish of ” Zhuang Yang of detailed. According to a newest epidemiology investigation shows, when Chinese male encounters ED problem, only the small number of people can seek a doctor help. And the person of great majority can be adopted feed fill, in officinal, appeal the means such as appeal things.
To this, guangxi medical university is accessary the firstHospitalThe doctor points out Liang Jihong of male division director, this besides suffer ” to talk about sexual color to change outside the traditional idea influence of ” , the man feels embarrassed unhealthily the popular science information with open one’s mouth, 23 lines and the following accurate town all sorts of little, male divisionsFalse advertisementFlush wait for an element, letThe maleBe immersed in an error more easily; Because not little still man treats a disease to the heart is cut and be deceived, delay treatment.
“Remedial ED, we should advocate more scientific method, if riseHealthyConsciousness, slam the door is undesirable habits and customs, adjust mood, cooperate proper remedy multibarrel to fall together. “The expert expresses consistently, if the male thinks he needs to rise,erect hardness, should look for the doctor of normal medical establishment, chaos of avoid by all means takes ” of folk prescription of folk of so called ” .

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