Lack communicates fall out of husband and wife

When more and more singletons female begin to enter marital hall, when wanting suddenly to bear a heavy burden of a family, career and emotive are double responsibility, virtually evolved into the contradiction that cannot mediate. Because of all sorts of reasons, lack of both sides of husband and wife is communicated and communicate, probable meeting causes extreme incident.
Before paragraph time, court of justice of the town that overlook the lake heard strange arson case one case. By arson is a factory that make the clothing, and arson person the proprietress Zhu Mou that is this factory that make the clothing unexpectedly.
Original, factory of Cai Mou that make the clothingThe businessFlourishing, he constant so busy that do not consider go up. After the big bill that received a few school uniform especially, he does not have sunset night ground to work overtime, wife Zhu Mou felt to get desolate.
Last year the end of the year, zhu Mou thinks of these year of cold reception that come want jump over gas more, that day in the evening, she is returned overlook the lake, come in the factory making the clothing of oneself, from cut out hold an one big package cloth in the arms to use lighter light, walk out of workshop to pull good rolling door to consider next leave oneself.
Not come singly but in pairs. A few days ago, sea peaceful court was tried one case drunk drive case, those who make an issue is a man Yu Mou, the person that inform against is his wife. That day, yu Mou made an appointment with a good friend to have a meal, he drank meantime two bottles of beer, sing later again.
His wife feels to get desolate, ground of in quick succession calls, ask when he goes back. Drunk Yu Mou drives when coming home, before going up angrily, the wife challenges, in brawl, the wife calls the police, shake out the thing of Yu Mou drunken driving.
Wang Lina of judge of court of boreal logical sequence once tried overmuch second divorce case, she tells a reporter, have a few even 85 hind, 90 hind divorce, because,be only network game. Marital bout is excellent, immerse oneself in dozen of game, the wife gets desolate, put forward with respect to anger to divorce. She thinks, get to prevent one party of husband and wife desolate, and produce phenomenon of a few extremes, both sides of proposal husband and wife leaves a few time to communicate more with communication.

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