Male over- 50 check early discovery of PSA prostate cancer every year

On July 25, in the light of the prostate that change cure the name of cancerous patient is ” of ” life gland and ” life gland + ” project, start formally in the hospital that be the same as aid. This project aims to help terminal prostate cancerous patient science undertakes daily health manages, raise the comply with sex of the acknowledge to the disease and cure, help strength they are spent smoothly change cure this one period, overcome fear, improve life quality further.
“These terminal prostate the cure of cancerous patient is very endless money of very painful very beautiful also costly. “Hubei saves cure to learn branch of surgery of secrete make waterTumorLearn group of assistant group leaders, with aidHospitalProfessor Hu Zhiquan tells surgery of secrete make water Tian Qiaoping guides cure, as population aged andFoodHabitual change, the incidence of a disease of our country prostate cancer by the 1.7/10 2000 the 10 thousand 10.06/10 that rise to 2011 10 thousand (big city prep above this average level) , become minatory man very quicklyHealthyWith the 2nd big cancer of life.
Cancerous patient does not have inchoate prostate normally any symptoms, and once appear hematuria, make water painful, bone painful, feeling all over unwell reach the symptom such as inappetence, often belong to terminal prostate cancer. Professor Hu Zhiquan tells Tian Qiaoping to guide cure, in the United States the prostate cancer of inchoate discovery can be achieved 90% , and it is medium that our country discovers occupied terminally 70% .
“Inchoate discover in mixing, terminal ability discovers, prognosis and expenditure have great difference. “Hu Zhiquan teachs the introduction, inchoate discovery does an excision operation to be able to be cured, expenditure is in 559, survive for a long time rate is very high also. And in terminal discovery, general operation, put cure, endocrine cure, change the method such as cure to want to be used, expenditure is in 1 million above, long-term survival rate is not high also.
“Exsanguinate checks a PSA to check prostate cancer ” with respect to OK and effective sieve. Hu Zhiquan teachs an explanation, PSA is prostate particularity antigen, also be the mark content of prostate cancer. This examination charge is controlled in 120 yuan now. He suggests: “Of 50 years old of aboveThe maleHad better undertake single censoring every year, if have prostate cancer familial history, examination age should arrive 45 years old ahead of schedule. Examination age should arrive 45 years old ahead of schedule..
What is PSA
PSA calls ” prostate distinctive antigen ” again, it is the mark content of prostate cancer, it is right inchoate the diagnosis of the prostate cancer that does not have a symptom is very significant.

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