Menstruation is not moved hide big question period not regular ignored contracts cancer unexpectedly

By southeast university accessary in seminar of strategy of division sickness diagnosis and treatment is in the endocrine of countrywide department of gynaecology that large hospital sponsors on July 8 afternoon Nanjing ends satisfactorily, director of large hospital department of gynaecology and obstetrics holds the post of the expert such as Professor Mu Lan to point out in, suffer from likely in every phase of the female on disease of endocrine of department of gynaecology, if ignored make a diagnosis and give treatment or it is not standard treatment, may affect the female’s lifetime, especially to young woman, once diagnose,be disease of endocrine of department of gynaecology, should normative cure, lest generation is infecund not Yo or it is other metabolization is asked for integratedly, if disease of common diabetic, heart and vessels and head are apoplectic,wait.
Case 1: Menstruation not regular ignored contracts cancer unexpectedly
Miss Liu stature of 25 years old 1 meter 6, but weight has 80 kilograms however, have diabetic medical history more than two years. Before a month, miss Liu breaks out bellyacke, to the hospital the examination shows as a result, miss Liu suffers from went up ” of cancer of the film inside ” uterus. This family that lets Miss Liu as a result and doctor are very amazed. Introduce according to mother of patient Miss Liu, daughter from menarche of 13 years classics since, menstruation all the time not the rule, it is half an year just comes occasionally menstruation, because do not have other bodies unwell, we also did not take seriously too. Till the closest daughter occurrence bellyacke, the private parts is ineffable haemorrhage is more than, just comeHospitalThose who make an inspection. Professor Yang Xin puts forward expert of department of gynaecology and obstetrics of hospital of Beijing University people, resemble so young inside velar cancer patient still sees rarely, do not move with the menstruation when adolescence taking cure seriously have particular concern. Of course, the reason that causes cancer of the film inside the uterus is very much, haveHypertensive, fat, menstruation is maladjusted, outside source sex estrogen.
Case 2: Fear hormone cure eats health care to taste in disorder unexpectedly
Menstruation measures Ms. Zhang of 34 years old recently particularly big, always still be dripping wet endless, this fully two many months still are done not have clean. Then, ms. Zhang comes in large hospital department of gynaecology and obstetrics sees a doctor, the doctor suggests hormone medicaments is adjusted, but hormone fears in patient heart bad, and the proposal that rejected a doctor, after coming home, begin to be taken in disorderHealth careArticle. After spending a many month, ms. Zhang menstruation still does not have improvement unusually, subsequently she comes to a hospital see a doctor again, delayed treatment instead.
Professor Ren Mulan puts forward, a lot of people encounter the problem of endocrine of department of gynaecology to fear to be treated with hormone, always feel right the body is bad, concern causes cancer, coach in the doctor next correct and reasonable use hormone are treated actually, can fight cancer however.
The expert reminds: Cure of endocrine of department of gynaecology emphasizes individual change
Ren Mulan teachs the introduction, endocrine is used medicine and fight those who fight tumor is infection, different, endocrine uses drug adjust oneself, be establish oneself physiology rule or be the balance that helps oneself reproduction endocrine, what emphasize more on the foundation of standardization is a kind individual change. If endocrine uses drug non-standard, not only cannot restrain an illness, can accentuate instead.
The expert reminds, endocrine of department of gynaecologyDiseaseCan affect menstruation not only, and still can bear after the influence andFemaleThe metabolization state of integral endocrine, much bursa is ovarian and for instance integrated ask for, the function is disease of haemorrhage of maladjusted strength palace, tall the probability that patient of disease of blood of secrete breast element produces metabolization to be asked for integratedly is higher also than average woman.
Different age paragraph the female should pay close attention to department of gynaecology to secrete division disease
To adolescent girl, menarche is adolescent mark, but need —6 1.5 years to ovarian maturity year time, a few girls can appear amenorrhoea, menstruation much or functional strength palace bleeds, some are the concerns with have particular greatly with study pressure. Expert introduction can come up against a few girls in adolescence, hair much, posture is fat, menstruation is unusual, often be being diagnosed is much bursa ovarian and integrated proof, to this kind of patient, need early discovery, early intervention, lest affect,bear a function later.
Arrived to bear period, a lot of girls can appear ignored menstruation is unusual, for instance a little modern woman does not want the child, they can think, menstruation much or it is little, or it is not to come menstruation is irrespective, want to did not produce massive haemorrhage circumstance to go only. The expert thinks, this kind of idea is incorrect, grow ceaselessly as people life, the issue of female endocrine can affect lifetime, and menstruation is the mark with reflect endocrine whether normal, still need serious look upon so, have a problem timely seek medical advice.
Ren Mulan teachs the introduction, a lot of in senile woman thinks by accident menstruation not the rule is transfer the expression of level, actually menstruation also may be pathological changes of the film inside potential uterus unusually. To old age namely for the woman after menopause, the commonnest is senile vaginitis, vagina irregular haemorrhage, once appear afore-mentioned problems, should see a doctor in time.

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