Pay close attention to female health: Palace neck sieve investigates 6 affairs that need knows!

In palace neck cancer the sieve checks recognizant week (Cervical Screening Awareness Week) on, researcher introduced what we should know to sift a few knowledge that consult about palace neck, check relevant knowledge with uterine smear namely. Palace neck sieve is checked is not a kind of cancer detects actually method, although can discover palace neck cancer in the researcher in the process of the examination sometimes, but this kind of sieve checks a method to remain a kind to discover the cell is unusual the method of the change, these cellular future that produce unusual change produce canceration likely.
Major Englishman can accept palace neck sieve check, but this kind of test often can make life Wei, what had not undertaken palace neck sieve is checked before this especially is individual. Of course into neck of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital the sieve checks the risk with exist possibly also particular, be in England every year this kind of sieve checks a method to be able to prevent death of patient of cancer of neck of at least 2000 palace. Undertake this kind of sieve is checked of course depend on completely the individual is freewill, but 6 problems can help people undertake choosing better probably under the answer.
1, dry what is palace neck sieve is checked?
Palace neck sieve is checked is the cervix that undertakes in the light of each femaleHealthyExamination, include the female baby that just was born among them, at present in England this kind of sieve checks a method to basically be used at 25 come 64 years oldFemaleIn, and need registers ability to undertake the sieve is checked be invitationed to undertake palace neck quite in doctor office. This kind of sieve is checked do not recommend 25 years old of the following females commonly, because research makes clear, palace neck sieve is checked individual brought harm is more than benefit even.
If never had had sexual behavior, undertaking palace neck sieve check is not beneficial probably. Because the female is impossible to colleague,this is tit tumour virus (HPV) contact, during sexual activity this kind of virus can spread ceaselessly, the HPV of some types can cause the change of palace neck cell even, cause then individual suffer from on palace neck cancer.
What affect HPV for the most part is individual can not get probably the influence of virus, but HPV is the culprit that causes exemple of carninomatosis of neck of a lot of palace really, if inject the word of one second of HPV, we also ought to consider to be checked into sieve of neck of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital, because HPV vaccine can protect airframe to resist effectively only 2 model the infection of HPV, the HPV of this kind of type can cause the happening of cancer of major palace neck, but not be all.
Be similar to other sieve to check an order, neck sieve checks palace to often be applied to those who do not have any symptoms is individual, so if fear this kind of sieve is checked can be affected to airframe generation or to you character blazing word, no matter you are in which sieve to check the age paragraph, ought to signal the doctor’s corresponding case.
2, what situation can you produce?
Normally the nurse of an exercitation can undertake this sieve is checked, after having simple communication, the nurse can let a patient lay down come, knee is raised and part, subsequently the nurse can use the examination that peeps lens to maintain female vagina to undertake cervix. Nurses can use a kind of diminutive normally soft brush the cell in collect female palace neck, subsequently doctor or nurse can move except peep lens, and inform patient examination had ended. The cell that collects subsequently can be sent to the lab to undertake whether check patient cervix appears detecting coming unusual change.
3, how should if the patient feels embarrassed,do?
When visitting a doctor to undertake checking first, the patient often can feel feel embarrassed, say of advanced nurse Mary Hoey, suffer when the female when inviting the palace neck sieve that has routine to check, because expose private parts,they often are met at the doctor / nurse and feel bashful to mix anxious. Of course to the female, undertake multinomial detect to their oneself character also often is to feel to be comforted quite, this makes their feeling comfortable mix to helping them it is very important to loosen.
When individual after undertaking making an appointment, can askThe maleOr the female undertakes detecting, also can be in at the same time of friend or domestic member accompany come down to undertake palace neck sieve check.
4, have harm?
A lot of body is checked in palace neck sieve ache can be not experienced in the process, but peep lens to often can let a female feel occasionally uncomfortable; Below certain circumstance, the muscle all round the vagina can be tightened up, this makes the doctor of the examination very difficult fill in to peep lens to have further examination, and this process also often can let a female feel unwell aching even, this is convulsion of so called vagina, those who have this kind of symptom is individual often often can feel very aching when sex. Because this encounters this to plant,often be about when the circumstance to the nurse or the doctor shows a case, and the nurse ought to be informed to stop to undertake checking immediately if if be in,in check out procedure which link feels unwell.
5, does need cost how long?
Photograph comparing doctor makes an appointment normally and character, major palace neck sieve is checked make an appointment opposite faster, and it is commonly after a day can the arrangement that sieve of on the rails consults. Some doctors often can be in on the weekend or also can arrange beyond normal working hours into neck of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital the sieve is checked, after the sieve is checked, the nurse often can inform individual when can give a result, and can let a sieve check individual leave address and connection way.
6, how should if appear,unusual result do?
The palace neck sieve of great majority checks a result is normal, but if detect the result is ambiguous, or cell of neck of doctor discovery palace gives the word that currently holds the post ofHe Yi to often be changed, sift the person that check to ought to undertake another detecting probably, for instance vaginal lens is checked etc. These tests often can be helped clarify the difference that the cell of unusual change is the same as normal cell, so that the doctor adopts first-rate in time,remedial method is opposite individual have treatment.
Of course, discover palace neck cell is unusual do not mean those who undertake sifting checking is individual suffer from went up cancer, actually, discover palace neck is unusual cell and the happening that undertakes in time remedial can precautionary cancer of patient palace neck effectively; Investigator expresses, through palace neck the sieve is checked can discover palace neck cancer rarely, and check into sieve of neck of make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital as more and more females nowadays, palace neck cancer also becomes seldommer and seldommer saw.

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