“Person old character declines first ” remind middleaged female to protect skeleton ahead of schedule

October 20 is international osteoporosis day. Harbin medical university is accessary Professor Jiang Ligong shows outpatient service of osteoporosis of the 2nd hospital, after 30 years old, the female is hormonal secrete meeting drop off, bone begins prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. Accordingly, osteoporosis is the common disease that every woman enrols ” in metropolis ” almost, ought to cause take seriously.
Jiang Ligong expresses, FemaleAdolescent development and epiphysis line close all antedateThe male, and body form and weight are less than the male also, increase muscle proportion low, opposite to skeletal daily stimulation on the low side, on the whole female bone gross and density want than the male small. After the female is 30 years old hormonal secrete drop off, bone begins prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, increase the chance of female osteoporosis greatly.
The doctor expresses, arrive from adolescent in in nearly 40 years of senile life, the female can experience ” period, be pregnant, the physiology such as ” of lactation, the turn of life changes. Closely related these processes and skeletal growth, development, consenescence. For instance, 20-30 year old humanness body store calcic ” gold period ” , right now most female is being experienced be pregnant and lactation, this meeting affects what bone measures to accumulate.
Doctor proposal, should avoid ” person old character to decline first ” should improve habits and customs in the round, follow the doctor’s advice normative cure, in old people should undertake bone density detects every year, so that early diagnose. Next, to already having an osteoporosis, already had produced osteoporosis fracture or already bone quantity decreases and accompany the person that have osteoporosis risk factor, can pass filling calcium and medication, alleviate effectively bone is lost and reduce fracture risk.

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