Preventing palace neck cancer to detect is female of crucial sexual life possible infection

Relevant data shows, the whole world is at present annual palace neck cancer sends case newly 500 thousand, among them 80% in the developing country. China has palace neck cancer every year to send case newly one hundred and thirty-one thousand five hundred, 28.2% what occupy cancer of world palace neck to send number of case of illness newly. World Health Organization already made clear virus of person tit tumour (HPV) it is the principal cause of disease that causes palace neck cancer, in all cancer, palace neck cancer is the cancer of exclusive clear pathogeny. Accordingly, to HPV detect already became the key that the sieve is checked and prevents palace neck cancer.
In the reproduction of 2013 China female that held recentlyHealthyOn academic seminar, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, before Zheng Yaozong of president of Hong Kong university says, HPV cent tall danger and low danger, among them Gao Wei HPV is affected continuously cause palace neck cancer finally, the sieve that is aimed at Gao Wei HPV is checked particularly important. In a lot of detect in the product, check of fluorescence of 13 kinds of Gao Wei that research and development of science and technology of biology of Chinese triumphant general produces HPV checks an agent, with fast, flux price of tall, sex compares rate of big, automation the sieve of palace neck cancer that advanced characteristic suits large-scale crowd is checked.
Zheng Yaozong expresses, palace neck cancer already was affirmed with the virus of HPV infection is concerned, always have sexual lifeFemale, contract this virus likely, but the immune mechanism of major female itself, but virus eduction body outside, only few part female cannot eliminate, the person that make be affected continuously is slow evolve into palace neck cancer.

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