Proper motion won’t have period side-effect can alleviate the body is unwell

A lot of female friends think, period is unfavorable motion. Actually, healthy and the woman that has athletic habit at ordinary times, in period proper motion won’t have side effect, still be helpful for instead healthy.
   MotionRespect, the doctor can suggest period does not do acuteness exercise commonly, also do not do an abdomen to had been pressed big (like sit-ups) and load motion (if load,crouch greatly) , lest cause classics blood overmuch, period is lengthened or uterine position is changed etc.
But this does not mean period to cannot move, quantity of the dysmenorrhoea with serious if it were not for, blood is mixed too much functional strength palace bleeds, can be engaged in a few athletic sports appropriately. Move right now besides can enhance a constitution, return can significant improvement and the functional position that improve human body, stimulative blood circulates, the blood that can improve organ of the reproduction inside pelvic cavity especially circulates, reduce congestion. In the meantime, motion still can make abdominal muscle and basin heart muscle get systole and diastole activity, be helpful for classics blood eduction, can alleviate period is unwell.
Period motion had better be with adjusting the exercise is given priority to, of Buddha menstruation the 1st, 2 days, can do some of broadcast to hold, the light activity such as setting-up exercise, shadowboxing, qigong. The 3rd, vivid momentum of 4 days can increase, wait like soft force ball, ping-pong. These athletic field are not big, behavioral scope is little also, also can canter of course, notice step rein in, than walking slightly fast OK. In addition, those who suggest to make a few extend and breathing photograph tie more is slow the gender moves, assist the nervous place of flabby waist, abdomen, back.

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