Sedentary how should chronic prostatitis treat easy?

Prostate is in oppressive condition for a long time, get attrition, exciting, produce strut, hyperaemia then, prostate fluid is excreted not free, cause prostatitis.
Small Zhang Jin is 33 year years old, it is white-collar of a company, business runs previously, although tired dot, but everyday bouncy. Changed job of an at leisure later, everyday besides sitting, drink namely dinner party. But, had done not have how long, the body gives an issue. He discovers he often has ache with the waist all round alvine, penis, anus, and make water urgent, frequent micturition, make water grow in quantity of make water of painful, night. Most hard of open one’s mouth is, he discovers him sex function is inferior to previously, and the metropolis after ejaculating every time has the ache that bears hard. This kind of matter cannot say with the person, can him hold back is worn, also did not tell even the wife. He thinks originally can ameliorate slowly, did not think of heavier and heavier instead.
Original, xiaozhang got a kind of common prostateDisease—— chronic prostatitis. Resembled catching a cold to be met pharyngitis, bronchiticly, prostate also is met inflammation. Have 50% aboutThe maleIn a certain period in lifetime, can get the influence of prostatitis, especially with in young male sees more.
What kind of person gets chronic prostatitis easily? It is the driver that drives for long and the person that are taking to handle official bussiness all the day. Prostate is in oppressive condition for a long time, get attrition, exciting, produce strut, hyperaemia then, prostate fluid is excreted not free, cause prostatitis. 2 it is the life does not have the rule, person that often stays up late, their normal immune system function is damaged very easily, conceal in all sorts of bacteria all round prostate to be able to take the chance to stage an armed rebellion. 3 it is sexual life frequency overmuch or too little person. Have sexual life often, prostate is couldn’t get rest effectively, be in bloodshot condition from beginning to end; Conversely, seminal if be couldn’t get for a long time,excrete, also can make prostate congests, cause prostatitis likewise.
What symptom does chronic prostatitis have? It is aching above all, can appear in alvine, waist, can be in the penis, spermary, also can have ejaculation process medium or the penis after ejaculation is aching. It is symptom of uric road stimulation next. Because prostate is located in the communications center of uric road, its inflammation can cause frequent micturition, make water urgent, make water painful, dysuria, once the feeling of ” of ” bold and flowing alls gone. The 3rd, may have sexual dysfunction, this also is affliction of a lot of patients but the phenomenon that be ashamed ages at opening. The 4th, because afore-mentioned symptoms exist continuously and long treat do not heal, make easily person angst, depressed, as a result appearsPsychologyMental problem.
How to get chronic prostatitis to do? The proposal goes the urological department of normal medical establishment or male division. Average doctor can suggest to do 3 things: Urinalysis, touch and B exceed. It is assay make water above all, massage prostate through rectum touch next, prostate massage fluid has laboratory test, finally is to do prostate B to exceed. Pass symptom and assay inspection, the doctor can be divided to chronic prostatitis model, bacterial infection causes look, still cause by other reason, this is crucial to treating methodological choice.
How to get chronic prostatitis to should be treated? It is the habits and customs with undesirable change, not sedentary, delicateFood, put an end to drink, regularity lives. 2 it is physical cure, wait like lukewarm bubble bath or warm water hip bath, massage prostate. 3 it is to medication. If cause, can try antibiotic cure, exterminate the bacterium that inbreak, microbial; If frequent micturition, make water is urgent the symptom is heavier, can suffer body retarder with α— , make prostate is loosened, improve a symptom thereby.

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