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Feminine bosom is small vertebral good blemish of 10 large bodies is healthy dominant position

Are you still in cold-shoulder him bosom the mole on small, face much, skin is fat, crus dumpy? Congratulation you, these look in you is body blemish, make you more healthy instead, more not easy old! Small posing the 10 big drawback that tell you the body is healthy dominant position, look together. The person’s body can be put in ” of blemish of a few ” more or less, let you look not quite accord with the masses aesthetic. However the ” blemish ” of these bodies can bring healthy advantage to you however! 1, bosom small —— is vertebral good. ” of princess of peace and tranquility of commonly used ” describes people the female with lesser breast. However, with the breast lesser female photograph is compared, the woman with too old breast is more incidental vertebral bend, cause back to ache then. If mammary dimension is more than D cover cup, dangerous conference is bigger. 179 breasts dimension is more than in be equal to D to overspread the female of the cup, the person that has 50% happens continuously on ministry of back ache, neck neck ache, shoulder or waist are aching. After the operation, the person that still has 10% aches the symptom exists. Additional, the susceptibility of small breast is stronger than big breast 24% . From theoretic say, the breast is small, sensitive nerve passes the time that needs to cerebrum from the tit shorter, susceptibility is consequently taller. 2, lines of oily skin —— is little. As a result of oily cutaneous cause, the skin type of most Asia female is fewer appear dry He Jun is cracked. The person that the time of occurrence furrow of oily skin crowd also compares drying skin and neuter skin mixes 2 years 4 years behindhand respectively. Oily skin encounters the trouble such as blain blain more easily, nevertheless this also explains cutaneous metabolization rate is rapid, capability of dermal organization rejuvenesce is stronger. 3, ...

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