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How is autumn woman raised? Encyclopedia of cookbook of autumn wife preserve one’s health

Autumn dry enrages in season, hurt body fluid easily, lung of Yin Run of reason food Ying Yizi is advisable. It is cookbook of autumn wife preserve one’s health below. Autumn, point to our country the traditional Chinese calendar 7, 8, September, include the Beginning of Autumn, the Limit of Heat, White Dew, the autumnal equinox, Cold Dew, Frost’s descent 6 solar term. " when element asks · dirty spirit way, talk " say: “Lung advocate autumn. . . . . . Lobar astringent, eat sick at heart urgently with closing, fill with acid, xin Xie’s ” . Lung of visible acidity astringent is angry, lung of have diarrhoea of laborious flavour diverge, autumnal appropriate closes unfavorable medicinal powder, want to eat the Xin Weizhi such as green, ginger less to taste as far as possible so, feed acidity fruit vegetables more appropriately. Autumn when lobar gold in season, lobar Jin Taiwang overcomes liver wood, reason ” golden deficient summary ” again what ” autumn does not feed lobar ” say. Autumn dry enrages in season, hurt body fluid easily, lung of Yin Run of reason food Ying Yizi is advisable. ” drink board is wanting ” say: “Autumn gas dry, appropriate feeds Ma Yirun its dry, ban cold water ” . More the view feeds virgin soil congee into Qiu Yi, with moisten the respiratory tract of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood person. Anyhow, fall season, but the soft embellish food such as proper edible sesame seed, polished glutinous rice, rice, honey, loquat, pineapple, milkings, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid with beneficial stomach. What does cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health have? Cookbook of autumn preserve one’s health 1, ormosia lily Stew pear as it happens with rock candy contrary, suit above what carry Xu Han constitutional person is drinkable, ormosia is warm sex and lily is OK the firepower that in a way counteracts ormosia makes this ...

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Model male nurturance remembers a man exclusive thin body cookbook is recommended

Reducing weight is not feminine patent, very much now man is dissatisfactory to his figure, a lot of males begin the way that seeks all sorts of reducing weight, reducing weight actually is not to only motion exercises a kind of means! It is OK still that the man in the life reduces weight from dietary proceed with, encyclopedia of professional cookbook reducing weight also is OK help male people thin body oh! You know what man reduces weight cookbook reducing weight, will look below small write these fast cookbook reducing weight of collect! Soup of orange thin body Material: Orange L000 is overcome, ginger 50 grams, white sandalwood end 25 grams, salt 20 grams, licorice end 50 grams. Practice: Orange gross is cut piece, ginger section, next water of a decoct, above condiment is put after 30 minutes can. This cookbook reducing weight reduces weight already soup, can wide in regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, eliminate fat. Take 1 bowl every time, everyday 3. When taking this boiling water, want to maintain happy state of mind, do moreMotion, have perspired feeling all over optimal. Soup of balsam pear bamboo shoot Material: Seedling of balsam pear, bamboo shoot, Jiang Pian, dried small shrimps, turnip. Practice: 1, section of bamboo shoot flay, scald water, can go so acerbity go oxalic acid. 2, balsam pear abluent go flesh, cut paragraphs small. 3, put clear water, Jiang Pian, dried small shrimps into boiler and burn, put bamboo shoot again piece boil 20 minutes. 4, put balsam pear to boil 35 minutes then, put turnip young plant finally and flavor can. Effect: Balsam pear falls igneous disappear fat, bamboo shoot has adsorptive and adipose, stimulative food to ferment, aid digestion and promote excreted action. The vitamin content of fresh turnip seedling is very high, human body absorbs sufficient capacity to be able to rise to accelerate metabolic effect. So, this Shang Jishuang mouth nutrition, the mainest is to ...

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