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Careful prostate is proliferous ” hold back is broken ” bladder

Close paragraph of time, chapter grandfather him feeling of 86 years old wants while still alive to be died by hold back of ” of one bubble make water ” : Have uric idea obviously, but pull namely do not come out. After often wanting half hour, ability squeezes little make water to come out, this makes him pained unceasingly. The liberation army 458HospitalDirector Chen Yan represents surgical department of secrete make water, grow as the age, balance of the sex hormone inside body is maladjusted and synergism of female, androgen can cause prostate proliferation. And proliferous prostate can squash urethral, urethral the meeting after sufferring extruding to be out of shape produces block, bring about dysuria. The symptom of prostate hyperplasia basically is dysuria, time of get up in the night to urinate is much in the evening, white sky street looks for a toilet everywhere, quality of life of the old people in be being brought about consequently is poor, the mood is vexed. Rise in the evening especially influence Morpheus, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel easily. “Often have above symptomOld person, basically been diagnose to the hospital is prostate hyperplasia. “Chen Yan says, be in light in when spending, can pass take medicine, physiotherapy and ego take exercise will relieve a symptom, but arrived when the severe case such as obstruction, retention of urine, need was solved through the operation. Chen Yan expresses, in the crowd of prostate hyperplasia, the scale that needs a surgery is about 10% . The operation points to proof have at 2 o’clock: It is to appear serious clinical expression, the course takes the effect difference of medicine, physiotherapy; 2 it is occurrence danger elephant, for instance function of cystolith, retention of urine, kidney is damaged etc. “Proliferous basically is body of a few gland and connective tissue, the operation is hind urethral block was solved, can solve micturition problem, of the life quality to a respectful form of address for ...

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Uncover sends ill prime criminal 10 times to let you must be prevented greatly without harm of essence of life without disease of essence of life

Without disease of essence of life, it is to point to to spermatozoon is not contained inside the seminal fluid when the male ejaculates, or the circumstance that cannot ejaculate. The disease that do not have essence of life is to bring about male barren main reason, have very big effect to domestic harmony. Why can you appear so do not have the circumstance of disease of essence of life? Expert introduction does not have disease of essence of life basically is by the following 10 reasons cause: 1, static all alone varicosity: The varicocele can bring about local temperature to cross obstacle of tall, small loop, nutrition to reduce, oxygen cent is pressed drop and the raw energy function that shortage of nutrient composition supply all can affect bolus of He Gao of sexual spermatozoon vigor. 2, chromosome is unusual: The gene part that spermatozoon makes decides on chromosome, if lack, can bring about without essence of life, little choice. 3, infection causes: The inflammation that the genital such as epididymis, seminiferous duct, spermatic gland, prostate is in charge of all can affect sexual spermatozoonMotionAbility and the function of natural disposition essence of spermary. 4, endocrine is unusual: The starting medicine that cerebrum gland hypophysis secretes a spermary to produce sperm and maintain a dose, if pass low can cause spermary raw energy function is low. 5, genital injury: Ab extra harm brings about spermary to injure or turn round, energy demand is turned round etc, or because hernia repairs the scar of operation, prostate operation,wait, also can affect spermary function, bring about spermatozoon to produce an obstacle, this kind of circumstance basically is prevent and take effective measures in time; 6, the disease that do not have Gao: Spermary is the organ of male unripe essence of life, without spermary, spermatozoon also is mentioned with respect to have no way. 7, bilateral concealed Gao: This kind of circumstance is spermary does not have the scrotum that should arrive, ...

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Stay up late can you deny make spermatozoon quality drops? The expert is so say

In recent years, the scientist carries research whole world 21 countries are close the seminal quality report of 15 thousand person, result discovery, male spermatozoon amount reduced 40% above in nearly 50 years. Among them, seminal quantity was reduced 20% , spermatozoon density criterion every milliliter from 1940 113 million decrease 66 million 1990. The seminal quality of our country male also with annual the rate of 1% falls. And, look it seems that the area that industrialized degree jumps over tall, economy to be amounted to even more, male spermatozoon quality drops rate is rapidder. Seminal fluid measures normal XiaowangWhy to meet not Yo? Xiaowang is youngDo poineering workPerson, have a cause that just starts, with a beautiful and virtuous wife. Perfect marriage, make the road that Xiaowang is doing poineering work drier jump over vigorously, of work from dawn to night. 3 many months tried after marriage however, wife still cannot be pregnant. Because the Xiaowang before this becomes aware he is seminal quantity is normal, let wife go then microscope, however not fish problem. The doctor suggests quality of spermatozoon of small king redo is checked, this checks ability discovery, there is an activity spermatozoon unexpectedly inside Xiaowang’s seminal fluid, have the dead spermatozoon of thimbleful only. The doctor examines minutely Xiaowang, this ability speaks Xiaowang, as a result of these a few months, the company is in poineering key period, xiaowang majority night is boiling night work to make, just be in when be overcome really tiredly, small Wang Caimian sleeps by force 34 hours, this kind of state maintained a few months. Staying up late for a long time is huge to the influence of spermatozoon “Stay up late for a long time, it is huge to the influence of spermatozoon! “The first people of Guangzhou city Zhu Yaqiao of division of hospital reproduction medicine advocate treat a doctor to point out, “The fall of spermatozoon quality brings about more and more patients not Yo ...

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