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Female of China of sexual course side casts off contraindication to walk out of conservative

In the room that in Shanghai restaurant of class of a SamSung does not have an eye, ma Li (sound) to woman of a few China tuitional —— sex is inscribed if abstaining from on a tradition. By a definite date course of two days but disadvantageous appropriate, need to pay 2500 yuan, it is Shanghai month all one of salary. However, increasing China female signs up the similar course that attends here and other city, in order to understand human body structure, psychology and sexual skill. Lawyer Sophia · of 30 years old is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad (sound) say: “I never had sufferred one Ding Dian sex to teach. . . . . . I want to understand oneself and honest sex. “Equestrian course gets American sex teachs the attestation of the orgnaization, she likes to cheer student through blunt manner, give them self-assurance. Her course includes video and the modelling is distinct fruit that are used at carrying out link. After was in office 1949, priggish Communist Party guided China the conservative mood to the gender. Nowadays as Chinese all the more rich, arrive increasingly abroad travel and experience is changed to foreign popularity article, this kind (conservative) the manner is transforming slowly. Taiwan Kaohsiung medical university teachs outstanding Yi · Zheng Shui: “Big city waits in Beijing Shanghai, FemaleSuffer western culture the impact is very big, sexual idea already very contemporary. But in Chinese a rural area, partial female still is opposite quality utterly ignorant. Partial female still is opposite quality utterly ignorant.. Sexual knowledge is lacked, the sex that is Chinese school partly teachs what cause too less. The female of lecture of Li audition a horse comes from all trades and professions of complete China each district. A few 20 come year old the first time ready-made that the student thinks to be his, other and middleaged female leaving other wants to pick up confidence again. Parent of ...

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Zhuhai student establishs a gender to teach mass organizations ” vaginal monologize ” resounding campus

Undergraduate of Zhuhai north division American the Broadway homonymic modern drama ” vaginal monologize ” move stage, resounding campus Company of person of the same trade draws student attention Company of person of the same trade is in campus is tendentious education “My vagina says, night is my vagina says a fart ” , ” first, I want to who let enter, who to let enter ” recently, confessional ” illuminates a group of schoolgirl ” vaginas that film by ” of group of act of the sex outside ” north draw numerous netizen heat to discuss. As we have learned, this group of photographs are this school woman student abstains a modern drama for its ” vaginal path ” filmed conduct propaganda is illuminated, school just say content isHealthy. The undergraduate becomes sexual knowledge adviser When 70 hind, 80 hind when the parent talks about a gender hard with the child, a flock of 90 undergraduates after had established Zhuhai the gender teachs mass organizations. They make stage property with banana, cucumber, education is born how to use condom, with the modern drama ” vaginal monologize ” the sex that revolt is aimed at a woman is violent. Recently, in the ” of big fight of ” mass organizations of school of cent of Zhuhai of Beijing Normal University, a mass organizations that the name is ” of company of ” person of the same trade caused student attention. As different as other learning mass organizations, before its stall, the student is blown into ” balloon ” to draw the look of passerby with condom. Peng Lou is shown, china in Normal University 2008 class graduate student, major is human sexology. When Peng Lou shows a graduate student to graduate, because a lot of schools did not offer sexology course, she encounteredObtain employmentDisturbance. 2011, she goes to boreal division big Zhuhai cent school teachs. Peng shows dew to say, come to the discovery after the school, the sexual education ...

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Comment: Know ” quality ” the way teachs more ” quality ” should agile

The coverage that Tianjin university offers love of a ” to learn theory and practice class ” is caused discuss extensively. And recently, shandong east battalion victory oil field 2 in teacher of physiology of a male is pointed out to attend class by the student see Huang Pian, cause an in an uproar. It seems that, no matter how topic itself is old old, around move middle and primary school is unripe and even the undergraduate’s sex teachs a problem, always can make a lot of news. The expert expresses, the school should dare to break formalist in the past education pattern, should not talk about color of ” sex ” to change. Phenomenon one: Attend physiology class little little Is current adolescent sex education what kind of? Tall the Li Tongxue of one is mentioned when accepting a reporter to interview, “We are in junior high school when, begin to contact the course of this respect, but the knowledge that the teacher gives us to tell this side on the class rarely, more it is to let ourselves read a book, likelihood everybody feels to speak of these words of ‘ sex and amative ’ feeling very feel embarrassed. Likelihood everybody feels to speak of these words of ‘ sex and amative ’ feeling very feel embarrassed.. The Sun Tongxue of second year in high school tells a reporter, the school offerred such course, but a lot of moment meet physiology class to be replaced by the main subject such as Chinese, English, the time that attends physiology class truly is little little, “I hope the teacher can discuss a few case more to our student, acquire the thing that can use truly, imparting our knowledge while also church we how correctHealthyGround love ” . She says. What just accepted military training is big give birth to Xiaowang to tell a reporter anew, the school involved love in military training exam the intellectual problem of this respect, “The ...

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