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Young when love wears high-heeled shoes to often suffer from easily on arthritis

Business company on October 12 dispatch October 12 is world arthritic day, yesterday, in river north areaHospitalGroup of orthopaedics medical treatment comes to community of river north Ou Pengrun, begin arthritisDiseaseLecture of prevention and cure, reporter spot understands, many middleaged women say toe has the problem of big toe evaginate, affect already beautiful, still bring ache unwell. River north areaDoctor of traditional Chinese medicineLan Xiufu of courtyard orthopaedics director says, this is clinical in the phenomenon that sees surely everyday. “Besides genetic, traumatic reason, the big toe evaginate of 30% wears high-heeled shoes for a long time to cause. The big toe evaginate of 30% wears high-heeled shoes for a long time to cause.. FemaleWearing high-heeled shoes for a long time, it is to bring about beetle-crusher foot to be out of shape first, tilt upcountry, beetle-crusher foot still can lean to the 2nd toe later. As a result of the attrition between extruding and shoe, still can produce aching, red, agnail even bursa of cave in of crural ministry horizontal bend, flatfood, Mu is phlogistic wait for a problem. Lan Xiufu warns female citizen, “Avoid to wear cusp fine high-heeled shoes for long to walk. If must wear high-heeled shoes, answer to often use base of hot water bubble. Want to make crural department more at ordinary timesMotion, if do toe to catch the act of the ground more when stand or walking, or it is to be in perpendicular when standing up on tiptoe, can repeat number 10 times everyday. Can repeat number 10 times everyday.. In addition, lan Xiufu says, chongqing hill much slope is much, the citizen links that climbs the bank on slope for a long time gets hurt easily. Add climate damp to wait for a characteristic again, arthritic patient number occupies countrywide first place. Killer of number one of physical disabilities of joint of the rheumatoid arthritis, old people in spending osteoarthritis to wait to already became an our city again, “Many people ...

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The man looks this place to know whether kidney empty

1, toe Generally speaking, toe is long and big, sufficient ministry is clement fact is big person advocate birthday, toe is thin and short, sufficient ministry stricture is thin small person advocate die young. Because little toe is the origin of classics of kidney of sufficient little secret, because this is sufficient little toe is bulky and thick person kidney gas is filled more; Sufficient little toe is petty the skin is thin person kidney gas declines more. Foot, by call humanness body kindly the 2nd cerebra, can know from this bit, crural ministry is right human bodyHealthyprincipal port, some bodiesDiseaseAlso can come out through crural ministry observation, everybody teachs method of check of a few each below, let you judge healthy situation through the signal on the foot, might as well try. 2, toenail The toenail of healthy person: White half moon occupies the 1/5 of toenail length, color pink, if cherry is petaline. ① fingernail color is cadaverous, devoid redness of skin, see more at hidebound, anaemic patient; In addition if fingernail is abrupt whiten, the urgent disease such as common and exsanguine, shock. ② if toenail has vertical travel streak, express to be in the condition of exceeding exhaustion, body function is low. The toenail of ③ Mu foot up the person of cock, the eye is easy and fatigue, or have myopic, astigmatism. ④ if 5 toenail Dou Qiao rises, that may be the mental pressure that bearing to comparative. 3, sole grain Leaf through sole grain again, if lines is very distinct, likelihood spirit is relatively blue; Skin of side of Mu foot abdomen has meshy coarse groove, and pinhole shape is damagedFemale, may have all sorts of symptoms of sexual gland endocrinopathy, if the month drops via maladjusted, sexual desire,wait. 4, toe exerts oneself to do sth. not all When walking, sole, toe exerts oneself to do sth. uneven, also have its specific meaning. For example side of sole Mu foot can be ground ...

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Do not think menstruation does not move these 4 things to cannot be done

Many females can appear to menses all sorts of unwell, or it is dysmenorrhoea, or it is to have a headache, or it is have loose bowels, make a female very vexed. Want to cast off menstruation to be not moved, every month spends that easily a few days, the female is in daily, especially menstruation should notice conserve body, 4 things must not be done under. Beat a waist The woman is met as a result of pelvic cavity hyperaemia in menstruation make the person feels slight and unwell, the acid that be like a waist, crus or next abdominal feel distended, breast bilges increase of number of painful, relieve oneself, diarrhoea, constipation. These are the normal physiology phenomena of period, need not treat commonly. However, if the person is the ground to beat a waist forcibly at will,carry on the back right now, often meet aggravate waist carries ache on the back. Because beat lumbar backside, can make accentuation of pelvic cavity hyperaemia and blood stream are accelerated, cause period overmuch, period is lengthened, make lumbar back ache more fierce instead. Gush is too much perfume The woman loves perfume, but aroma is too thick also can cause disease. Aroma is good at change going, joined the perfume of artificial scent especially, although simulative is natural flower sweet, but because use chemical essence material more, the chroma of its fragrance element exceeds chroma of natural beautiful sweet excretive greatly, and the respiratory tract that a few chemical response that expect hard meet pair of people probably, skin and central nervous produce undesirable effect. Occurrence dizziness of the meeting after somebody had heard thick aroma, disgusting wait for a lot of incommensurate symptom. Feed vegetable oil more People knows to eat tallow fat more to the bodyHealthyHarmful. Actually, eat vegetable oil to be opposite more healthy adverse also, especially the woman has vegetable oil more harm is greater. Medical experiment proves, vegetable oil is absorbed more easily than animal ...

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