The uterus grows 103 flesh tumour to resemble be pregnant it seems that 4 months

The 103 flesh tumour with differ size of small overgrow of uterine outside and in, thickly dotted platoon is full like the seed that resembles pomegranate whole uterus, ” of uneven like one side wall of ” flesh tumour. The biggest diameter amounts to 7 centimeters, egg having goose is so big. The one act of this Jing heart happens in lady of Fosan the Qin Dynasty (alias) on the body. Absolutely of lady of the Qin Dynasty cannot think of, the uterus has 90% to be held by flesh tumour. Last week, lady of the Qin Dynasty completes operation of eliminate of uterine flesh tumour smoothly in Guangzhou eventually. “Tumour of flesh of the much uterus that send a gender with 10 less than see more, those who exceed 30 is very scarce, the situation that grows tumour of about a hundred flesh is very unusual. “Those who be engaged in department of gynaecology and obstetrics nearly 30 years advocate knife doctor also expresses to this open-eyed.
When seeing a doctor, lady of the Qin Dynasty resembles be pregnant it seems that 4 months. Lady of the Qin Dynasty professes is a businessman, fosan is in when oneself are 21 years old 17 years ago do B to exceeded check-up to discover tumour of 2 uteruses flesh, but big have 3 centimeters only, be less than 1 centimeter smally, and the body is unwell without the feeling, the doctor suggests half an year of her every other does B of department of gynaecology to exceed an examination to observe a condition at that time. , lady of the Qin Dynasty marries, after marriage before long she absurd below two daughters. Later check-up of lady of the Qin Dynasty, the report shows bag piece is in her uterus to increase gradually, but because do not have any unwell symptoms, lady of the Qin Dynasty also was not put on the heart.
However, will begin last year in December, the menstruation of lady of the Qin Dynasty estimates unexpected increase, the 3 ~ that are an ordinary person 4 times. She says, one day should use 13 sanitary towel, and often giddy and lack of power. Tell her via the doctor after the examination, uterine flesh tumour is the cause that causes menstruation to estimate increase. By the doctor so say, lady of the Qin Dynasty just is willing to accept an operation. Last week, all previous classics 3 many hours, 103 in uterus of lady of the Qin Dynasty uterine flesh tumour is taken out entirely.

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