The woman is sent bughouse forcibly because of object of parental dissatisfaction love

In recent years, “By mental ” one word often appears in public eye shot, in the meantime, had used drive not less kind medicaments, once was admitted to hospital even remedial person affixes ” to oneself through all sorts of means by the label of mental ” , prove to other oneself are not true madman hard. Advanced before long, henan saves Zhengzhou city health bureau to be exposed to the sun to begin from October 2012, 2% . task of mental person index by layer upon layer inside the wholesome service center that allots each community, caused pair of ” again by the attention of group of mental ” victim.
Engineer Chen Dan (alias) be among them one of, fortunately, after be being sent compulsively into bughouse, she was not used any spirit kind medicaments, leave hospital through ining good health after nearly 72 hours. Cannot think of even herself, those who send her to receive asylum is parents actually, reason is the amative concern that rejects her merely.
Parents employs a person
Send a daughter by force to be admitted to hospital
Chen Dan is 30 years old, hit alone in Beijing go all out 10 years, now is an engineer. Her story, should tell towards evening from June 5, 2012 case.
Controlled at 6 o’clock towards evening that day, chen Dan and male friend go out, the plan goes shopping, in first floor hall, chen Dan sees his parents is being walked out of from the taxi. Because oneself love concerns to object strongly for quite a long time by parents, of this parents to visit also did not inform Chen Dan, she decides to return the home in, pretend oneself are not in the home, brawl happens once more after avoid to meet with parents.
After Chen Dan and male friend enter room before long, knock noise rises, lasted ten minutes. It is subsequently ten minutes quiet. “Feel my parents thinks I was not in the home at that time, went so, gang Song at a heat, but doorway noise had the voice of the sort of prize lock. “Terrified, chen Dan and male friend dialed 110 phones to call the police. After door lock is levered quickly, chen Dan discovers surprisingly, follow what her parents comes round together to still have additionally 4 new men that never seek a range, “Wear dishabille, did not produce any identity document, height may be controlled in 1.8 meters, strong-bodied. I warn them to had called the police, but trashy, still entered come in. Still entered come in..
The 4 people that rush into the door press Chen Dan’s hands or feet respectively, want to carry her, old red father says among them one is Beijing the director of some bughouse, want to take herHospitalMake an inspection. At first, old red do all one can struggles, but see oneself and only power of male friendly power are thin, then the decision pretends to cooperate, think of protracted policeman goes out alarm. “At this moment, my mobile phone rang, it is police station affirms an address with me, I described the condition at that time simply still, request police comes as soon as possible. “Hear has called the police, 4 men capture Chen Dan’s hands or feet forcibly again, carry her gave abode doorway, wearing arm morbid building, a place of strategic importance took the taxi that waiting downstairs in.
Memory has the case at that time, chen Dan says, “Thank for the first time in the evening at 7 o’clock the road of Beijing besides, let me enough time is contacted with mobile phone short message and friends. “In taxi backlash, chen Dan sits in two new men among, she moves the mobile phone into quiet tone mode, take the advantage of two people carelessly, send ask for help of short message Xiang Pengyou stealthily. “Tell me to want sober, my friend feels, my pa Mom won’t let me go really bughouse. My pa Mom won’t let me go really bughouse..
Him Chen Dan also cannot think of, after that, she spent nearly 72 hours in bughouse really.
Between serious illness
Rely on jest to be maintained leave hospital
After reaching a hospital, a man is surveillant Chen Dan and male friend, another is pointed to to call the doctor, man that never shows any certificate however to contact matters concerned of be in hospital by old red father. Examine without the doctor, did not have the examination of psychosis respect, did not diagnose, chen Dan is being grasped by the nurse arm belt entered ill area.
Chen Dan hears the voice that the iron gate of back massiness shuts. “I was kept apart with the world outside. “I was kept apart with the world outside..
In corridor, nurse edge walks along an edge to introduce the seat of dining-room, toilet to Chen Dan, exhort she goes wanting to tell nurse, need to the nurse is accompanied anyplace, “This criesHealthyExplain to public. “The ward that ward follows common hospital is same, “Just the window solder is worn iron barrier. “Just the window solder is worn iron barrier..
Chen Dan is sent into serious illness. 10 pieces of sickbed divide a platoon to put, the things that wash gargle is the only private goods in ward, “The others is lying on 9 pieces of beds patient, the arm of some people is bound to be on bed baluster. “Chen Dan is asked to strip off an examination by the nurse, changed patient to take subsequently, the things washing gargle that waiting for oneself is sent.
But in, chen Dan remembered very long before the joke that has heard. Armour, second, third 3 normal people are sent into bughouse, to prove oneself are normal person, armour decides to tell the truth, repeating ” earth 14 times is round ” , was hit by the nurse needle; Second says he is sociologist, the name of head of enumerate each country, also was hit by the nurse needle; Whats do not say third, as usual has a meal sleep, the meeting after cure protects personnel to give him shave thanks, leave hospital in the 28th day. “Resemble the 3rd person in that way, this is to count on those who go up exclusively to save oneself method. “Chen Dan had never thought he can meet same condition really, “Feel desolate, oneself life is really absurd. Oneself life is really absurd..
The following day early in the morning, chen Dan ate the breakfast of a few difficult the following pharynx more hard, the purpose is to make a nurse satisfactory. Subsequently she discovers, oneself were not taken medicine by arrangement, "The afraidest ‘ is treated foolish the thing of ’ . “Later, the nurse joins a class, when checking a bed, chen Dan should repeat an answer to the nurse almost, tell about oneself why to be sent into bughouse, “The likelihood because I am those 61 patients in do not take medicine exclusively, they are curious also. They are curious also..
On June 8, after be admitted to hospital nearly 72 hours, through the hospital 3 class expert diagnoses tegether check, chen Dan is decided need not be in hospital, leave hospital permissibly.
Because she is again not obedient,be ” only “

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