Uncover most the vegetable of 6 kinds of men of preserve one’s health takes green to belong to kind of vegetable prostate cancerous risk is reduced

On dietary guidance, nutrient expert appears more partial female. What should eat when be pregnant, the turn of life should fill what, countless articles had given out such and such proposal, but the article that is aimed at the male is opposite however less.
   The bean products, earthnut food that contains a lot ofacid of ammonia of essence of life. Acid of ammonia of essence of life is the essential part that spermatozoon forms, it can promote what nitrogen oxidizes inside body to release, rise to loosen blood-vessel and the effect that add blood stream, thereby promotional male sexual desire. The food with rich acid of the ammonia that contain seed still has walnut, pea to wait. What need reminds is, the soja different yellow ketone in bean products belongs to plant estrogen, can not make a man Nancy, and still can reduce male bone prediction of a person’s luck in a given year.
   The green such as garlic, leek belongs to kind of vegetable. The can such as garlic, green, leek calls ” man dish ” , they have powerful antiseptic capacity not only, return conduce vitamin the absorption of B1, stimulative saccharide is metabolic, alleviate fatigue. Have research discovery, the male that green belongs to kind of vegetable to eat more gets the critical small in part of prostate cancer. The man should take green 3 times to belong to kind of vegetable at least every week.
   Orchid, Bailuo is predicted on the west wait for vegetable of the mustard family. This kind of vegetable contains a lot oforganic sulfide, it is vegetable is medium all the timeHealthyExample. According to England newest report, vegetable of the mustard family conduces to prevent Qian Xilan to spend a cell to diffuse, eat raw or boil a little eat best. Those who need an attention is, sufficient mastication wants when eating this kind of vegetable, be helpful forHealth careComposition is released better.
   Fish of pilchard, 3 article contain a lot ofOu Miga the food of 3 fatty acid. Male cholesterol metabolization is the easiest and disorder, make its are sufferredHypertensive, tall blood fat, apoplectic the opportunity that waits for chronic and stubborn disease to invade is more. 3 fatty acid have Ou Miga prevent blood to condense, reduce the effect such as triglyceride, particularly beneficial to the heart and vessels. Contain a lot ofOu Miga the food of 3 fatty acid has fish of Qiu Dao fish, pilchard, 3 article, tuna to wait, these fish can be replaced eat, a week had better eat twice.
  The tomato, watermelon food that contains a lot oftomato red element. Tomato red element can be cleared the freedom in prostate base, protect prostate organization. In addition, research shows, tomato red element is cancer, colonic to preventing prostate the male subject cancer such as cancer and rectum cancer has distinct effect. What need reminds is, tomato red element is the nutriment of fat dissolve sex, because this tomato is best ripe move eats, when eating watermelon best can tie-in complete fat yoghurt.
  The rich zincic food such as ostracean, lean lean. Chinese nutrition learns to recommend the male to absorb zinc everyday 15 milligram, FemaleIt is 11.5 milligram. Because,this isThe maleMany zinc is contained in seminal fluid, the zinc inside body is insufficient, can affect the amount of spermatozoon and quality. In addition, zinc is requisite of male hormone complex not only, at the same time also the burden is worn the important task that protects prostate. Contain the food with relatively rich zinc to have aquatic product (especially testacean seafood, wait like ostracean, shrimp) , lean lean kind, pluck, nut. But aquatic product and heavy metal of collect of pluck Yi Fu, unfavorable eat more.

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