Why how can the male catch urethritis urethritis to should prevent?

Urethritis is a kind of common reproduction is affected, generally speaking, female relatively this plants the male on easier infection disease, because urethral shorter bacteria of the female spreads easily to bladder. Additional, uric road junction of the female and shade road junction and anus are very close, because this gets easily the infection of the bacterium of place of this two place. But friend of a few men if oneself carelessly if also be to answer those who catch urethritis, why the male also can catch urethritis, how will prevent infection of secrete make water?
Suffer from on urethritis, may appear pee reachs frequency of glowing, pee smartly close, small abdominal distension painful, often have make water the sense with urgent or not clear micturition is waited a moment, if you discover these nephrosis symptoms when, be about to arrive instantly normal nephrosisHospitalSee a doctor, otherwise in case bacterial classics is urethral enter bladder, serious when may bring send nephritis. The maleThe cause that affects urethritis easily is as follows:
One, the immune ability of some males is low. A lot of patients suffer from diabetic, Tumor, liver disease, hidebound or other chronicDisease, this can bring about the happening of urethritis disease, the male is put in these diseases, and also have very big effect to cure, if have afore-mentioned diseases,so the male is in, should of as soon as possible go the hospital is checked and be being treated.
2, the male has undesirable habits and customs. Common undesirable habits and customs has drink, the element such as insecurity of overworked, spirit, may pathogenic bacteria of prevail on conceal is progenitive, appear thereby symptom, namely urethritis disease.
3, a few complication. Long-term phlogistic sex is damaged, cause damage of small cup of kidney of uric road mucous membrane, renal pelvis, fiber to change, be out of shape, uric road block, deformation affected normal uric fluid drainage and cure, bring about the occurrence of urethritis.
4, the male has feculent sexual life. Such meetings infect a few bacteria, meet those who bring about urethritis appear.
5, the hold back make water with long-term male. Make water of long-term hold back can make the uric fluid inside bladder accumulates more more, the uric juice that contains bacterium and toxic material fails seasonable eduction, at the same time hold back make water brings about bladder to swell, cystic wall blood-vessel is oppressed, cystic mucous membrane is short of blood, resistance is reduced, accordingly, the bacterium can get a change to step in, easy cause urethritis.
6, if male friend has made urethral instrument,check, take the appearance such as buy conduit for a long time perhaps, make urethral mucous membrane of the male appears abrade phenomenon, affect the defence function of urethral mucous membrane thereby, make urethral content easy be affected, cause the male to contract urethritis disease.
How does the man prevent urethritis? The man prevents urethritis 5Gist bid farewell:
1, water ‘ rinses ’ bladder: Write down sincerely daily and drinkable 6 to 8 cups of water or fluidity beverage, especially hot days is easy perspire, water distributes can many prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, want to water constantly so, not only of fluid of conduce dilute make water thick cross, at the same time Yi Ke ” rinses ” bladder, so that the body is OK will urethral outside the bacterial eduction body inside. When ferial need passes water, also should not be strong bear, such conduce are rinsed urethral, reduce a bacterium to be in urethral in progenitive opportunity.
2, clean anus by before after coming: Because hard to avoid has a bacterium near anus, after be being used the toilet every time so, should wipe from urethral mouth when clean anus to anus (by before backward) , the bacterium that can avoid an anus so takes road junction of past make water and produce infection.
3, juice of much drink red berry, blue berry: Medical bound considers to discover, the fructose that contains in certain fruit juice and bacterium of antagonism of tannic acid conduce are like coliform organisms. And red berry juice (Cranberryjuice) reach La Mei juice (Blueberryjuice) contain fructose and condensing tannic acid, can prevent a bacterium effectively to add bladder and urethral wall to go up, conduce reduces the chance that affects urethral agnail. Taking the public figure that feeds certain pharmaceuticals nevertheless, the doctor that appropriate consults him first looks can deny much more drinkable these fruit juice, lest cause needless trouble.
4, choice cotton qualitative briefs: Avoid to wear tight pants and briefs, the choice sucks the cotton qualitative briefs with comfortable sweat to empty feel well in order to maintain vulva cleanness, the opportunity that bring down bacterium grows. Certain personage may be like sanitary towel, lavatory paper to wait to be brought sensitive and possibly to having the wholesome articles for use of fragrance cause inflammation, reason is used less had better.
5, as soon as possible is aware of fast demand medical service: When you are aware of the disease of urethritis, want to seek cure make a diagnosis and give treatment instantly, with the opportunity with exasperate illness of bring down nephrosis. The doctor can have urine laboratory test for nephrosis patient more, the bacterial implantation in including pee and analysis its are phyletic; In addition, the doctor is met the antibiotic period of treatment with preventive prescription, in order to quicken nephrosis patient cure time. Nephrosis patient is sure to keep in mind to want according to doctor to coach, complete whole antibiotic period of treatment.

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