You know venereal what to include

1976, call the disease interconnected system that infects through sexual intercourse or similar action the gender is pestiferous. From now on, the gender is pestiferous this new idea was replaced gradually venereal this traditional old idea, the venereal a general designation that thought in the past is ” classical and venereal ” . “Classical and venereal ” has syphilis, clap, soft chancre, venereal sex only lymphatic granulation is swollen, inguinal granulation is swollen wait for 5 kinds. And the gender is pestiferous except include 5 kinds of afore-mentioned ” outside classical and venereal ” , involve medicine almost the disease inside microbial full range. Basically include:
Bacterial sexDisease: Syphilis, clap, soft chancre, inguinal granulation is swollen wait;
Virus sex disease: Wet wart of bleb of AIDS, genital, acuteness;
Fungus sex disease: Disease of genital beads bacterium;
Disease of garment former sex: Venereal sex granulation urethritis of sex of gonococcus of swollen, blame;
Insect sex disease: Trichomonad disease, scabies, crab louse.

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